Good mornin' sunshine!

freshie plate

Iram Rubalcava and his homie gettin ready to shred

Iram gettin it!

Jammin Josh Jumpin

Legendary T is killin it!!!

Joseph Pena battling for the front spot

Bryan Dukes....

AZ reppin!!!

Jaisaac gettin ready for his first moto of the weekend

Checkin out early

Jaisaac lookin super smooth through the rythm section

Standin up in the sand...only way to do it fast!

Gage Scherer

Andrew Silverstien

Colton Niziolek ripping...

Niziolek dudes!

Tanner Amarillas throwin it down...

Big Amarillas breeds girls too!

Grandpa Villegas finding a good spot

Just cooooolin

Yup...who wants some?

Naughty waitin for the next race

Zack Burnett rippin holeshots.

Skeletor all up in the mix

Skele chargin hard!

Chancy Mathis

Pronto pics yeeeeah!

What you lookin at???

Jorge Rubalcava reppin the 16

Rylas stayin out front!

Lil Robert Hailey is a monster!

Jaisaac and Zack Bishop battling for that first turn

Jaisaac throwin that fine AZ dirt

Jaisaac has been on fire lately!

Bryan Martin with a nasty lil whip

Sean Cantrell's gettin serious

Lil Michelle Smith backin up her smack talk

And Rachael the silent killer

First turn mayhem

Rylas Uddberg got the short end of the stick here


Jaisaac checkin out into the sunset

Gettin them corners!!!

The look of a winner!

Don't mess with Ray Ray

Lil crash n burn!

AZ sunsets are siiiiiick!