Moto trash!!!

Smiths rockin the zuma...all day, every day.

Jonah Locks....14 and gets to almost every race on his own...sick!

John Pauk gettin a nasty holeshot.

Max Sisco gettin a lil sketchy

ZBB is racing 11 classes...super crazy!

Jarrod Spano...just gettin back into the swing of things.

Jarrod grabbin that holeshot and goin on to win his moto.

Tanner Amarillas preppin his gate

Niziolek fams

Austin Niziolek chargin hard to the first turn...

he ended up goin down chargin for that corner and got a nasty sprain...bummer dude.

The Gulley Family is droppin gates fast!

Tanner Amarillas goin for it!

Jammin Josh lookin steeze!

Luka rockin the Metrakit 65...super fast lil bike.

Nix told me not to put this up...haha!

Pena tryin to squeeze in there....

he gets pinched, but gets up and finishes solid.

JJ Pleet

Pleet Family...Moto moms gettin it done!

Gotta fix the hair before the moto...

Jaisaac and Silverstien choppin it up before racin

Gettin ready to rip a nasty holeshot

Typical... Naughty' gettin in the way.

Gettin it done!

Jaisaac only got to race once today in the 85 open

So he laid it downnnnn...

Lil homie Austin Valerie gettin some in the sand.

This section of the track is sick!

Up clossse...this ones for Julio. Holla!


for the win!!!

Brad Kruger is killin it this weekend.

AZ rep!!! Bryan Dukes!

J chillin in the pits

The beast!

Robert Hailey and Camp battle it out!

Luka's got the form!

Brady Kiesel leading the pack up the up hill dubs

Yeissen Rubalcava....El Paso!!!!!

One of three brothers that make it happen.

Skeletor gettin that holeshot....yup, I just said that!!!

Workin that sand.

Then got worked....footy comin soon!

Naughty to the rescue.

nix, bones, naughty, lobster

AZ sunsets are the best!!!