Nothin like a early fire on a cold morning

Jaisaac gettin ready to start the day

Naughty gettin it in the first turn

Jaisaac battling for that holeshot

Jaisaac was chargin on the hill turns....

and chargin down em.

Jantz Grodzicki was riding good all week and got a few podiums.

Jaisaac and Silverstein battled this race putting on an exciting race.

Michael Hazlett gettin down

Jonah locks gettin it done all by himself

Jaisaac chargin one of the last corners...

and flowin through the rythym section.

85 Open title...o yeah!!!

Naughty and J

Nix...the wrench twister

Thanks to Primo and Dunlop for hookin us with some support for the 2011 season.

Naughty was pretty excited!

Jaisaac was too!

The Zicki fams...awesome people!

The Luchessi's showing their smiles.

The look of a battle

Spud Mackenzie

Naughty and Nix reppin and ARMA at the annoucers booth.

The announcers were fueled by ARMA.

The graveyard

Legendary T lookin good and goin fast!

Our homie Cole Martinez showed up to represent AZ in the pro class.

Cole was ripping the entire day...

and place in thr top three in all of his motos.

Tons of motofans came out this year.

The announcers giving away ARMA and Other Than vids.

This kid busted a rap for some goods.

Score girls are often over looked...

Naughty needed a tune up...

I'm gettin tired of spelling Jantz's last name so I'll just refer to him as ziki from now on.

Lil Michelle Smith doin her best to stay out front.

Rylas hurt his shoulder so he came out and I showed him how to take pics.

Rachael Smith throwin roost tryin to catch her sister.

Jaisaac testing his bike in the desert.

Jaisaac ripping a nasty holeshot

Jaisaac checkin out 6 turns in to the race.

Nice lil whippersnapper...

Jaisaac launching the downhill.

The six pack!

Not a good sight!

Naughty documenting the disappointment

Nix confirming a blown a transmission.

Checked out to walking off with a quarter lap to go...super bummed!

Jeremy Burne was ripping the entire weekend...

Tucson loc Conner Gardina chargin hard

Michael Hazlett got into a lil pile up and hurt his shoulder...get better buddy!

Austin White...

Photographer, videographer, webmaster....



Skele was still ripping it today after a nasty slam yesterday.

Naughty touched this dog and it pooed itself...

Adam Gulley came all the way from Missouri to grab this holeshot!

O sh*t...

Jaisaac scrubbin his way to a holeshot.

Jaisaac and Brad Kruger battling for that number 1 spot.

Jaisaac on his way to checkin out...

and another walk of disapointment....somehow his chain fell off while leading the race.

Andrew Silverstein went on to win that moto...stoked for him.

Thomas is the man!

Moto mouth

Nix was supppper bummed!!!!

Where my dogs at????