Club Moto in Livermore is Super sick!

Racheal Smith...oyeaaah!

The other half of the smith sisters, Michelle.

Jaisaac tellin naughty whats up

Jammin....chicken man!!!

Always nice to see the Smith Fams!

Janelle and her man Jake Locks...

Jaisaac killin them whoops

Club Moto had some sick tables.

Jake gettin some corners....

And his lil brother thowin his bike!

Jake Flyin Low n Fast

Jonah Gettin Flat

Rachael Smith is lookin fast and ready to qualify for Lorreta's!

Yeah Jaisaac!

Michelle Smith gettin it!

Damn good form Jaisaac!

"Let's try that corner"

Jaisaac draggin it all!

Jammin josh is getting real fast!

Yo Lob get this triple!

Michelle Smith gettin them ruts!

Jonah Locks whippin the triple!

Big Locks showin his lil brother how it's really done!

Jaisaac gettin flat for naughty!

Rock on dude...haha!!!

Aiden Tijero just gettin back from an injury and ripping!


Random Donkey

Naughty feedin the sheep.

The urban background is sick at Club Moto!

Jaisaac and naughty plotting the next spot


Jake Locks gettin nasty up the step up

Jaisaac shredding into the sunset!

Rachael Smith chargin it!

After moto chill sesh!

Sup dude!

Jonah giving naughty a lil break down of the day....keep an eye out for the edit!