Comp Edge LL Qualifiers!

Filming for breakfast!


LuKZ what up!

Jaisaac up the dubs.

Over the roller!!!

LuKz gettin it!

Love the graffitti!

Michelle Smith gettin ready qualify for LL's

Racheal is lookin fast and is hungry for some wins.

No photos please...haha!

Jammin all up in the mix.

Connor Gardenia rollin in from Tucson!!

Marcus Nims had a nasty slam today but got right back up and back to shredding


The Kalaitzian fams!

Elbows up jammin!

Dusty Barnes.....

Tanner and Jacob Barnes watchin Dusty.

Aiden Tijero Layin down some fast laps.

Jaisaac flyin high!

Miles Mcdonald was lookin quick!

Jeremy Burne

Jaisaac rippin the ruts!

Up n over corner

Lil Kalaitzian gettin down.

Under the watchful eye.

Practice breakdowns in the pits.

Michelle Smith chillin on the 63!

Jaisaac gettin some bike info from Nix.

Maverick looks happy but that wasn't really the case....genny's goin out in the media rig isn't a good thing. We got it goin 6 hours later....oyeeeeah!

At the practice line.

Moto time!

Gettin that water!

Jonah Locks ripping on his 2 stroke!

Holeshot in practice....

J's flyin on his 150


Chance jumpin the joshua trees.

Supermini 2....goin down!

Max Sisco

Brandon Scherer was killin it during practice and looks ready for LL's

Naughty gettin them angles

Grodzicki and Burne practice battle.

Ms. Creeson up the dubs with some steeze

Kyle Wolack

Naughty gettin the run down.

Ray Ray Smith gettin some tire work done....

Clau makin sure the girls are lookin good.

Whatcu lookin at dood!


Lap times for Dinner!