No riding for Jaisaac so he's helping out his homies.

Naughty gettin sick angles.

The Pena's

Dalton Bailey Battling for that top spot.

Tyler Enticknap and Dalton Bailey Battle!!!!

Joseph Pena was fast but had some really bad luck...

Jantz Grodzicki battling the pack.

Yup...I already qualified.

Jammin Josh gettin a holeshot!

Kyle Greeson ripping his lil 65

Legendary T doesn't look to happy with Green

Full gates!

Brian Burns

Fierro and Guererro...lil rippers!

Watching the friends and family root on their riders is always a good time.

Pena camp

Dog Sisco

Perkins....what up!!!

Kyle Rangel...fist pump!

Part of the Tijero fams

Jonah Locks kept gettin ran over....when he wasnt he was haullin.


Dalton Bailey with a nasty holeshot


Tre Fierro layin it down in front of the pack.

Motocross is univeral

Carlos Guerrero

I met Tyson in the mud at Washougal when I helped him out on the track.


No Visor = some bad luck. Jammin is Flyin right now!

Aiden Tijero was out front most of the day and is on his way to Lorettas!

Max Sisco

Brandon Scherer

MC decided to show up!

Jaisaac's got the pit crew handled!

Cheering on the homies.

Blake Green helping out some friends.

Braxton Priejto was on fire in the 85 classes.

Board Girls rule!

Our homie Marcus Nims battling for the first turn and leaving behind some meyhem.

Marcus Nims holding it down for NorCal in the C class.

Videos coming soon!

Comp Edge for life!