Jaisaac gettin ready to shred Glenhelen

Chris "The Westside Strangler"Brennan

Crew Chillin

Jaisaac testing a new 250

Jaisaac gettin comfortable on the big bikes

Have you seen Mike Craig?

Chillin in the pits.

Naughty feeding his camera

Moto, rest, moto...

moto, rest, twinkie, moto...

Jaisaac scrubbin corners...

and throwing roost.

Micah gettin them angles.


Launching the downhill.

Dillion Merrian back on the bike and shredding.

Merrian clan

yup that's snow on the mountains...cold and windy!

Trackside coaching!

Blake Green and Naughty gettin clips

Blake Green makin sure I'm takin a photo of him goin fast.

Roy Barrio throwin whips for naughty


Barrios burnin corners

Jaisaac tryin out Marrian's Honda

Matt Bynum...what up!

Timelapse for the new edits comin soon!