The good ole Glen Helen!

Our mechanic Jeffrey Nix came to make sure Jaisaacs bike are tip top!

Tyler Juuuuuarrrez!

Jaisaac Gettin ready to rip.

Jaisaac gettin down in the deep thursday ruts!

Chance Lu- k-z

lil dude rules.

Kade Walker is from Canada so he was comfortable in the cold today.

Jaisaac said he's feeling more comfortable everyday and is stoked to be back on a bike.

Cole Martinez throwin some sand

Glen Helen get's hectic on a Thursday!

Chase Feelong was shredding all day.

Tyler Juarez gettin it for TJ Moto!

Short break...

and back to corners.

Luke Purther is back from an injury and is ready to go!

Jaisaac gettin down in the sand

Moto mouth!

Rylas Uddberg takin a lil breather in between corners...

Back to ripping!

This is Austin White putting down the camera and gettin sprayed by the water truck...

WTH dude!!! haha!

After a quick change Austin was back to ripping!

Naughty practicing his corners

Till the gates are raised....