3am arrival...bike work time.

Practice at 7.

The sand was wet....

and deep!


Jaisaac gettin some on the downhill rollers!

Jaisaac throwin some roost!

Hangtown oyeeeeah!


Mud face...

Even the tractors were gettin stuck.

Chance Luchessi

Jaisaac battling for that front spot

Sweet Glasses!

Lotta people checkin out the amateur day.

Lil dogger gettin dirty

Rangel was lookin fast today!

Jonah Locks won most of motos today...killin it!

For the checkered!

Jaisaac gettin them holeshots!

Jais stayin out front!

Neeee i ix!

Back to washing!

The black bombers!

Gettin it done so Jaisaac can make it happen.

Utopia represent!

The vintage bike class was awesome!

Jaisaac leading the pack up the gnarly whoop section.

J gettin a lil sketch.

Jaisaac leading the charge.

The ruts were deeeeeep!

Naughty on the long walk back

Sweet bracket!

These dudes were cool!

Ross (246) takin the endurocross skills to the Proclass.

Jaisaac streeeeetchin it!

Last Lap!

Jammin Josh came to say what up!

Long day for Jaisaac. Back to shreddin tomorrow!