Naughty doin work in more ways then one.....

Jaisaac hookin up his helmet....

Jaisaac battling for that holeshot!

Jaisaac stayin out front!

Jaisaac comin outta them ruts with some speed!

Ruts were deep!

Jonah Locks makin it happen!

Look at them lines!

Dalton Bailey and his pops....didn't get any riding photos of him, but he won both his college boy motos.

Mitchell Mcdonald....what up!

Jonah and Jaisaac chillin....

The goods!

Jaisaac and some trophies...1st place supermini 2.

Nix makin them bikes so fresh n so clean.

Jonah tryin to hit the kill switch!

Ryan Valdez

Yup naughtys crossin!

Smilin for the race!

This things been here for awhile huh?

Race ready!

Antonio Hernandez (85) battling for the 1st shot.

Ryan Valdez down the step down.

Full gate!

Jaisaac gettin out front early!

Look at the dust!

Deep in the ruts passing some lappers.

Close n fast!

Jaisaac ended up getting 2nd in the Schoolboy class...pretty darn good for just gettin on the big bikes. Stoked for him!

Lotta rigs for Saturday's race.

ARMA dudes!

Jaisaac hookin nix up with a ride....last moto of the day!