Lake Berryessa, CA...oyeahhh!

Wakeboard boats are fun!

Jake Locks...thanks for the ride dude!

Jake's friend Jordan....

Pretty darn good on a wakeboard!

Jaisaac holding flag when dudes go down.

Jake Locks gettin down.

Party time?

I got in on the action.

360 attempt....

to face plant!

Dixon crew!

Crazy dam.

Nix hookin up the bikes.

There's a track in here somewhere...

Country roads to make some tracks.

Jake and his chick

Little kicker, big jump.

Nix gettin the bikes ready for Jaisaac.

Ethan Locks....thanks for the hospitality dude!

Jammin Josh with some fresh graphics!

Jonah takin the hardway through the water.

The dudes made a sweet lil turn track on some farmland

Jammin Josh gettin some ruts.

Pullin chunks of mud from the bike.

Gettin low in the fields.

Jonah and Jaisaac always battling!

Jonah shredding some fresh greens.

Jaisaac up close n personal.

The road back for a lil break.

Jonah shredding his brothers arenacross track.

Through the weeds!

Jammin gettin a lil nasty.

Draggin bars for naughty.


Dudes chillin.

Marcus Nims practing starts.

Tearing up fresh grass is always fun!

Gettin roosted!

Roost party!

Lotta mud!

Jammin cleaning his kit.


Steady mobbin!

The youngest Locks and the pup!

Grub time!


= awesome

sick explosion

Jake shows the mayhem.

Some Fireworks to end the day!

Jake about to throw down a tat!

Naughty owed me a tat of my name from a pit bike race...


Jaisaac facebooking the madness.

Nix still working......