Good Mornin J!

40th gate pick, sweet!

Gettin ready to shred!

Coverage much?

Bad starts suck!

Jaisaac tryin to work his way to front!

Jaisaac chargin it!

Check out the dude in the top left corner....yeahhhh!

For the crowds!


Our homie Braxton Prijeto gettin that $100 bucks for a holeshot!

LP stayin out front in the 85 stk class!

Darian Sanayei

Jon Jon Ames

Vendor row!

Good sign!

Lil Brandon Hernandez throwin down....

and doin work!


El Paso represent!

Gangsta Flagger!

AB was puttin the pressure on all day!

It's hot out here!

Stompin gates!

Michelle Smith was top 5 till see took a lil digger in the ten commandments

Rachael Smith had a solid smooth run all moto!

Homies from the East Coast!

Brad Frace

Chick Sandwich

Dirt work between motos...awesome!

Pickin gates!

Gettin Ready!

Pre Staging for Supermini 2

Jaisaac gettin through the meyhem!

Up close n Personal!

10 Commandments are gnar!

Moto Mouth!

Pit Bike race crowd!

Ryan Abrigo grabbin the holeshot!

Dude doubled this!

Team Switch...funny stuff!