Was this caused by McGinnis getting a little sketchy, or was he trying out a new style? I’m not sure, but it looked sick!

Arriving this morning right in time to get geared up and hit the track, Abrigo had his mind set on racing the Open Pro Sport class at LL's, but after taking a third in his first moto; he was on the line awaiting his second moto when his bike wouldn't start!! Such a sucky day for Ryan!

Currier's speed sure didn't slow down due to the mud, actually, nobody's speed severally did! But Landon was on top of his game today and finished with multiple first places!

Kruger and Aeck

One of Tye Siminoe’s scrubs! This kid sure didn’t let the mud stop him from showing off his style; scrubbin’ off of everything he could.

Grandpa Vern!

Noah McConnahay

B. Hernandez did awesome, taking second place behind Garret Marchbanks.

Jammin Josh had a terrible first lap after being taken out on the start! Josh didn’t stay in the far back for long, finishing with a 13th.

The start of the Supermini 2 moto

Troy Graffander tipping over!


Lobster-roni on the move

Jaisaac & Darian, first and second place in the supermini 2 moto.

Post race commentary!

Ohhh yeaaah, nothing beats skateboarding in the mud!

Nix doing what he does best!

All about Arma; black & yellow everywhere!

Danny Gubster looked awesome during the Open Pro Sport motos!

Wait is that Kenny?! Nahh, just a look alike!

Luke Purther

Braxton Prieto had some up-and-down motos today!

Miles McDonald on a new bike?

The intermediate classes were stacked & always fun to watch

This might not look like much, but this tunnel was a night mare; pretty much like quick-sand!

Austin Burns & Justin Hill

Jaisaac Sloan; the holeshot king!

Jai had some great little bike motos, he got the starts and took the checkered flag!

Austin Politelli took a second place overall in his Pro class.

LC charging after Politelli

Morgan Burger had some difficulties after crashing in this corner, and taking all the banners with him!

B.Whip to the rescue!

Yay for mud!

Oh what a race! Schoolboy 2 was a disaster; almost every rider went down or lost a few seconds due to a wobble or two! Excluding Justin Hill, lets just say the mud didn’t slow Hill down at all!!

Wardius holding the second position, trying to catch up to Hill!

Poor Jaisaac with a few tip overs!

“Awh Damn!” This flagger was not too happy when kids were falling down to the left and right of him!

Okay, this race had the Schoolboy 2 moto beat! Every rider went down, pretty much! Blake Green and Darian Sanayei were going back to back, but Sanayei took the win.

Sad puppy dog!