B whip chillin....

Gourmet breakfast on the go!

Mikah hard at work!

Bereman and Currier

Inda throwing up some roost!

Jaisaac and Hansen

Thomas Covington trying to make the pass on Wardius, but Alyas wasn’t allowing him to get by that easy; both didn’t let off, and ended up down on the ground together!

Levi Kitchen with a nice holeshot which led to a nice win!

Cute lil’ fella!

Rock on or 2 laps to go?! Ehh, how about both!

Hill with one of many holeshots.

Justin laying it over before crossing the checkered flag!

Carroll and Weyman

Blake Purple! This kid should be very proud of himself today, getting plenty of great starts, which led to many great finishes!

Jaisaac had many slide outs and crashes today, but worked his way back

Brook Whipple had a horrible day /: Her first moto, she had a decent start and was working her way up until she had numerous crashes! She finished with an 8th place, and knew what she had to do to make it during her second moto! She had another decent start and was in 3rd place when she crashed! Brook did the best she could, and finished 2nd.

Poor Austin Black was in 3rd when he took this huge inside rut that made his bike get stuck! The kid was paddling and paddling, trying to get out!

Tristan Charboneau rode real well today in his motos!

Naughty got irritated with his rain boots so he decided to take them off! Just run it Naughty!