Blake Lilly had a couple killer motos, making his moves to get himself close to the front in both!

- Sanayei finished off well; having a top three, after taking a tough fall in the 85 Open class.

Savagety finished up front a few times today, definitely proving to most that he doesn’t mess around when it comes to racing; he wants to win!

Brady Kiesel chasing after Alldredge and Owen.

Wentworth looked fast on the track during his race in  the Supermini through 13 class. Buddy held off his competitors and took the win.

Tristan Miller with the win in his division of the 85 Stk through 11 class.

Haydn Humphrey was railin’ in his motos today.

Cooper Webb in the lead! This kid has to be feeling great after taking 1st in each of his motos!

Kyle Peters rode phenomenal all day in his pro motos! Peters took the win in both the the 250 and 450 Stk pro classes, despite the pressure from close competitor Jacob Hayes! Hayes and Bogle also rode real well!

While passing by them, I had to take a picture! These two doggies were squinting and covering their eyes from the terrible dust! Someone needs to provide canines with some dog-gannet-goggles

Moto 29 was the Womens’ non-pro moto! Although they had a rough track late in the day, the women had didn’t have too many difficulties. Brook Whipple had the start and an early lead until having a misfortunate crash. Jennifer Burton also took a fall to the ground. The race was mostly lead by Amanda Maheau! Brandi Richards was out to change that though, and after many laps she took the spot!