Fans of the sport!

This kid! He is an incredible rider! He started behind Kiesel, who took the holeshot and lead the first couple laps, then passed him & left! Bell performed in the same manor during his next moto.


B.Whip with the holeshot & the win :)

Brook Whipple and her trainer Ryan Abrigo.

Naughty & Lobster posing like BA’s, ready to catch the action.

Jon Jon Ames had a couple great rides, taking a second in his open division moto, and then winning his division of his Supermini through 13 classes!


0203- The holeshot led to a win!

Skeletor focused upon the races.

Double shot!

They’re so stoked on Jai’s win :)

Run momma run!

Colt Blackwell aka B.Well aka Colt 45!

Jaisaac and a few local chicks he met!

Who’s the better mechanic here?!

Peeping on his work.

Jammin’ Josh

I’d be pumped to race if I got to in these socks!

Wyatt Fowler during his Schoolboy through 17 moto; Fowler rode awesome and ended up with a fourth!

Dean Spangler looked super fast today! This guy sure picked up a ton of speed lately, and looks good! Spangler took a second behind Oldenburg in his 250 4-Stroke non-pro division!