Cooper Webb with another win & now a title in the 85 4-Stroke through 16!

Jaisaac's version of a scrub :)

Rylas Uddberg!

Jarek Balkovic has been riding real well; taking second in his division of the 250 4-Stroke Non-Pro through 16 class.

The start of the 85 Open through 16 division 2 race. Sloan was leading the first lap until going down, which gave the position to Ames! Ames was leading most of the race, but took a digger in the back section on the last lap; giving Marky Worth the W!

After hitting the ground, Jaisaac did all he could do to get towards the front. He started in last and managed to finish with an eighth!

Jon Jon racing towards the checkered. Ames trying so hard not to make mistakes with close competitior Worth right on his tail, ready to take over the lead!

The start of 65 Stk. 6-8 Division 2 moto! Max Miller #604 with the holeshot. He didn't have the best of luck after crashing on the first lap pretty hard; yet, Miller grabbed his bike and decided to finish! Jammin' Josh had the lead most of the race, with Ethan Mann right on his back tire the entire moto. With a couple laps to go, Varize tipped over and Mann overcame the position. Ethan won the moto, but with the points, Josh won the championship!!

TEAM WORK. Arma'd out, WAR'd out. That's how the Sloans' do it!

Brook Whipple had the holeshot and led the first lap of her Women Non-Pro moto, but soon crashed! /: She started last, and worked her butt off to finish top 10

Jayy-Bee took over the position and the championship!

Twin Day here at Ponca!? Naah, they're just tight like that!

Sanayei charged after Webb, but couldn't reel him in on time to make the pass before the checkered. Darian took a 2nd overall in the 85 Stock 14-16 class.

Contrasted sunset #YeeeDiiiggg.