"You wanna see what the best way to pick up chicks is!?" "Bust out some push ups boys!!" –Naughty! Hahaa

Now they have the right idea; they have shade & a seat to watch the motos!


Jeremy Martin chasing after Cole Thompson!

The 3 musketeers!

Bisceglia out front during his 250 2-Stroke Non-Pro moto! Matty B has been killing it in this class!

Zeb Smith charging after Jacob Hayes during the 450 Mod Pro moto! Bogle started in the back. Justin gave Hayes a run for his money, and entertainment for the crowd! Yet, JB couldn't catch him in time!

Travis Bell!

Chase Bell and Zachary Bishop-Burnett during the Supermini through 16 Division 1 moto!

ZBB layin' it down!

Jai pushing hard!

AC took the win in his division of his Supermini through 16 class!

Sanayei took another second during his supermini moto behind Cianciarulo, but Darian had some troubles in the first moto ending with a DNF! Can he race the main?! We'll have to see!