Feels good to cruise back to the ole Nuevo!

Jaisaac and Naughty havin a lil laugh.

Naughty lending a hand

Nice n Dusty!

Jaisaac warmin up...

Then had a lil bike problem. bummer!

Luke Purther and his mom came chill with us at Nuevo

Jaisaac watchin LP hit the wall jump

LP said he loves the sand here

110 vs 85

Jasiaac holding off Purther for the time being.


mission accomplished!

J hookin naughty up with a ride


Tearin up the hills on the 110

Top of the world!!!

The rain ruts here make for some interesting trails.

And the stickers make for some filmer fun!


Jaisaac gettin in some laps

LP cutting it close n and fast!

Jaisaac gettin down on the pitty!

LP tryin to stay in that sandy rut

Team helmets...super sick!

Interview time....stay tuned for an LP edit!