Nuevo was wet today!!!

Naughty gettin it done regardless of the elements.

Brandon Beaver from Proskin met up with us to shred.

Black Burners!

Jaisaac and Brandon gettin ready for some motos.

Jais had to get up before shreddin...

Nuevo was nice n wet today...

Beaver gettin it!

Jaissac race face


Jaisaac throwin mad sand!!

HB chasin down Beaver...

Catchin a breath!

Mike Craig had to show the homies his crazy track!

Then he went back to maintaining the madness that is Nuevo.

HB gettin it

It was wet out there today!

Elias Chain and his homie Carlo

Elias gettin it up the hill.

Jaisaac plowin through the weeds.

Mike Craig represents for his riders.

Carlo cruisin over the rollers.

Dudes chillin!

Christian Craig stopped by to get some of the wet sand

the fastest line is the smoothest line...CC makin it look easy.

CC showin his dad how to jump some rocks.

Naughty gettin some sick footy!

Jake Canada showin them whoops whos boss.

Over shooting a rock jump=broken hand

Love that sand!

HB givin Naughty some last minute pointers.

Jaisaac telling me how to go fast

Naughty and I had a lil bet...

pit bike race....

Loser gets the others name tattoed.

Moto 2.

Naughty got the holeshot

Jaisaac makin sure I'm doin it right.

Naughty went down hard!

The look of defeat and a new tat!

Look of victory!


HB battle...

He kills the 110s!

Just glad this didn't hurt...haha!