The one and only Pala was soaked from all the recent rain.

Army Copters...oyeah!

Roy Barrios, Naughty, and Mason Hume chillin at pala.

Jaisaac gettin back on the bike after a short lil christmas break.

Keep it dirty!

Remenents from the ARMA race...pretty cool.

Jaisaac goin up hills and being patriotic

Roy Barrios gettin dirty in the neighborhood.

Jaisaac chargin on the 125

Cool photo...get yours!

Super gnarly mud around the track.


Micah the editor gettin some clips for some new stuff comin soon!

Jaisaac....table to uphill.

Barrios gettin scrubbbby

Mason havin fun on the sidelines due to injury

Lousiana loc is stoked to be in CA.

Throwin roost!

Jaisaac is ripping on his bigger bike.


Bikes gettin stuck!

The Dahlia brothers...

Feeding the wild dogs!