Racer X ride day at Pala

Jaisaac gettin ready to shred

Garret Kite chillin

Dmac and crew

Pant Saggin homies

Jantz Grodzicki steppin it up to the big bikes

Jaisaac burnin some turns.

D Mac throwin some fresh sand

Micah gettin his clips

Jantz looks like he's about to take naughty out

Father, Son battle!

Jaisaac throwin his lil 85

DMac gettin some turns

The Schehr fams

Dillion Schehr scrubbin

Brian Burns is killin it lately!

Jaisaac checkin out Rylas's 150...check the toe action.

Micah and Jaisaac gettin them clips.

Dillion ripping!

Rylas Uddberg is back on the bike and shredding


Filmer battle

Jaisaac closing it down!