Good Morning Jaisaac!!!

Nix hookin up J with the goods!

Good luck!

Jaisaac was killin it on his 150 in the supermini class.

Low n Fast!

This section was fast!

Jaisaac took the win in his first moto of the day...stoked!


Lil bit of track prep


Tyler Juarez attacking the whoop section

One of the Creason sisters showin the dudes whats up!

Dillan Epstien

Post stayin ahead of pack

Darrel White

Lil homie Hunter Rastavan killin it on his new KTM

Luke Purther was ripping as usual today.

Waiting for the gates to drop

Jaisaac gettin that holeshot!

TJ moto represent!

Handling it!


Epstein was super fast all weekend!

Jaisaac holding his own in the B class

This lip was sketch!

Naughty gettin them angles!

Keepin it wet

Jaisaac was tearin it up on his 150 winning the overall in the supermini class

Ready to moto!


Jaisaac and Ben from ARMA

Hookin up the Pala crew with some goods

Who wants some ARMA?

Naughty juice

Can't stay away from Ceeloo

Hunter...o yeah!

Jaisaac giving LP some last minute tips...

They worked, LP with the nasty holeshot

Hunter up close n personal

Jaisaac loves them holeshots!

TJ gettin nasty

then took a lil spill...get better homie!

Epstien hittin them corners hard!

Jaisaac ended up qualifiing for all the classes he raced

He did super good all weekend and the whole crew is stoked he's back!

Moto dogs rule!

Ready to get back to training hard and get ready for the next race.

Naughty, nix, and the editor...til next time!