Jaisaac's new burner!

Jaisaac gettin ready to shred...

n fillin up.

Tyler Juarez came all the way from Texas to chill at the compound

Jaisaac gettin some roost for breakfast

Lil homie Hunter Rastavan....

Back on the bike and shredding after a broken leg

TJ Moto Clothing represent!

Jaisaac gettin on it in the ruts

Tyler gettin the dubs!


Naughty reppin!!!

Jaisaac and Tyler battling for the next turn...

Hunter handlin the dirt...

80's holeshot battle!!!

Jaisaac gettin the first turn....

Holeshot battles in practice!

TJ on the gas!

Harley Swank was there ripping!

Jaisaac is lookin fast on the big bikes....

and ready to rip!!!