The weather's been un california like lately....cold and windy.

Dudes are still ripping though!

Jaisaac's killin it on his new 150 and feeling good about the qualifier race coming up

Chance Luchessi's is gettin fasssster every day!

Dillion Scheher reppin the 119

Jimmy Taylor got a new pair of shoes...

and is killin it!

Hunter Rastavan talkin to naughty

TJ attack postion

Isabella, Julio, and Javi

Charlie, Jeff, and Reid

Isabella rockin the 63

Jaisaac...low and fast


This bike is bad a!

Jaisaac hookin naughty up with a ride


waiting to shred...

Jaisaacs got googles for the homies

Isabella was lovin her first time on a dirtbike...she wouldn't stop riding...

Neither would Charlie. He said it's slightly addicting...haha!

Chance chasin roost.

Tyler Juarez killin it!

TJ about to get on the gas.

Jeff rockin the sick leathers!

Tellin naughty about his first ride on a dirtbike in 20 years

Dover brought the wrong bike to the track...

We met Natalie at Loretta's this year but she was behind the camera....

We had no idea she rips!

Tyler getting the holeshots in practice.

The crew.

Jaisaac explaining lines to Chance

Jefferey Nix takin a break from wrenching to eat some lunch

I even got in on the action. Jaisaac's try to tell me to hit the jump, which I didn't...ha!

Naughty even got some seat time in.

The Crew For the times!