Decent turnout for the Loretta Qualifiers at Pala Raceway

The new burner...sick!

First race back since getting injured

Nix hookin up J with the good stuff!

Dmac and Jaisaac chillin before practice

Crazy lil bone

Jaisaac got some good practice laps in on the nice n wet sand

Tyler Jaurez gettin it

Dmac almost bailed this one but saved it...super sick!

Travis Bell representing in the 450A class

Supermini 1...

Nix hookin up the gate

Jaisaac chargin and griding off that race rust....

He didn't get the finish he wanted for his first race back but ended up getting 2nd overall.

First big bike race, first big bike holeshot!

Jaisaac was lookin sick out front of the pack in the B class

Keepin it goin!

Super pumped on this photo!

Jaisaac ended up getting 4th in his first 250B race. Not bad after coming back from an injury!

Travis Bell and his homie reppin Norcal!

Waiting to go back out there n shred!

The Speedy G fams!

Speedy G didn't race today, but couldn't stay away from the mini tracks.

Speedy G gettin some!

The Postman sending some sand

Mary Poppins?

Luke Purther repping that ARMA!

LP's first race on a 85...

He's killin it!

Jaisaac and Jen from FMF

She gets down on the pit bikes!

Nix trying to look meaner than he really is.

Gettin ready to moto

Jaisaac streeeeetchin it.

2 for 2 holeshots on the big bikes

Jaisaac was in 2nd for 5 laps then slipped up a face and fell to the back of the pack.

He worked his way back to 7th and ended up getting 4th overall in 250B.

He was a lilttle hard on himself for slipping in that moto. I think it was an mpressive first race back on the bike. Good job lil homie!

We'll be back with more from Pala tomorrow...stay tuned!