Jaisaac's hard on the stock spokes!

Jaisaac cleaning some gear inbetween motos

Nix lookin like he's important

Jaisaac and Dean Spangler choppin it up before gettin some laps in

Nix tryin to look mean

Spangler makin sure I'm gettin the shot

Jaisaac gettin some over the finish line table

Up close!

Spangler takin the outside

Luke Purther was there ripping....

and throwin some roost!

J and Nix havin a laugh

Naughty gettin some shade

I've always liked this rock.

Naughty and Jaisaac doin work!

Jaisaac launchin down the big triple.


This thing looks fun!

Naughty, Nix, and Jaisaac bout to cruise back for some more laps.

A few minutes later Nix is back...

Not a good sign.

Jaisaac took a little digger and hurt his shoulder.

He was bummed he messed up his helmet

Back to the ER once again.

Givin Jaisaac some moral support

Jaisaac's view

Xrays came back and nothing was broke...doc said he should be able to get back on the bike in a week or two....stoked!!!!

Naughty and the editor got their shred while we were in the hospital.