Back to good ole perris!

Jaisaac gettin ready to shred!

Jaisaac is smokin on his 150!

Our homie Jacob Barnes was there shreddin...

Jacob was killin it!

Standin up on the outside...

and chasin down his lil brother.

Lil Dustin Barnes is real fast on his 65...

and handling his bike.

The Barnes fam, moto moms makin it happen!

L-K-Z got a new dude.

Chance is gettin faster by the day!

CL gettin nasty

Jaisaac and Chance sparring

Low n fast over the roller

Gettin sidewayzzzz

Falling sucks.

Gettin back up and doin it right rules!

Off the lip...

Best jump at perris!

Jaisaac n Naughty

Naughty gettin a rundown of the haps

Jacob Barnes takin Naughty's job.

After riding smiles...

See you next time dudes!!!