Naughty Mask....

Gettin ready for the first practice...

Jaisaac's ready for his first big race back.

Throwin sand!

Rylas, finish line double.

single scrubber..



Kenny's the man!

Choppin it up with J before the practice



Kent Snyder gettin it in the 450 non-pro class.

Rylas n Blake Green battling in practice!

Rylas hittin the dubs!

Sprayin doods!

Jaisaac almost ran some kids over right after this...

Courtney Duncan is gonna open some eyes this weekend!

NMA puts on some good races!

Jammin reppin his set!

Jonah winning practice!

Jaisaac and cooper had some cool practice battles.

Ponca's got some good dirt!

Ryyyyyyyyyy killin it!


Jaisaac took a lil digger....thankfully he's alright!

IT's hot out here!


Irv makin sure Austin Burns was cool after gettin ran over earlier

Track workers

Westen and his mom Dedra

WWW chargin it!

65 mayhem!

Jammin's lap times were up there and is ready to throw down.

This dog has it easy!

Zeb Smith!

Ponca City chicks represent!

Cool her son down???

Justin Bogle representing for the state OK!

Tim Bell

Beers n Hotdogs!

Kade Britt is comin for the lil dudes!

Dalton Bailey layin it down!

Dunlop Triple

Jaisaac's ready to rock!

Brook Whipple lucky number 13

Akana Day

Jennifer Burton throwin down the fastest lap of the day for the chicks.

Akana launchin the doubles.

Ready for tomorrow!