Jesse Harvey startin the morning off right!

Kenny choppin it up with naughty!

Cement to grass!

Naughty found this in the grass awesome!

Aiden Tijero was flyin out there today!

Akana Day.... oyeaaah!

Jesse Harvey....

and his buddy TJ!

2 mins boys!


Pre race chat

The Uddbergs!

The line is always pretty intense...

Skele the apprentice mechanic

Kenny and Mike Craig choppin it up for Mavi

Jaisaac got off to a good start in the 150 class....

He slid out in a corner and had to work his way back.

Jaisaac doin work.

Jaisaac ended up chargin back to the 3rd spot in this moto with some fast laps!

Rylas is gettin faster and faster every moto!

Kinda bummed on that last one!

Austin Burns is on a tear!

Corn fed dudes from Iowa.

Gettin dragged kinda hurts!

T Bell and his lovely lady

Dean Spangler came out swinging this year

Purple Monkey!

Board dude!

Mavi gettin the sweet shots.

Jaisaac grabbing a nasty holeshot!

J out front with some pressure from Ames.

Jaisaac said this corner is sketch!

Checked out for the checkerd.

Motoplaygrounds Everyone....yeeeah!

Wyatt Perry showin them guns!

Here's Wyatt battling for spots.

Kai Moore

Ponca city Chicks with the homie.

Rock on...haha!


Chillin after the motos

Flag Crew!

Ponca city homies

Colt Blackwell, Randal Williams, and his lil girl.

Check it out Jammin!


Keegan Bak throwin it down!

Dillion Schehr throwin dirt!

Brian Burns had a nasty fall but walked away like a man

Please and thankyou!

Lil Jon Jon Ames comin back strong after two broken legs

Big Lead!

For the win!!!!!

Kent Snyder had a tough day with a few diggers

TBell and Bogle battling for the front spot in the 450 Pro

Mccoy Oldenberg was on the gas and towards the front the entire 450 pro moto

Cool kid....Mccoy edit comin soon!


Max Miller swappin...he saved this one!

Jammin Josh takin advantage of Millers lil swap


For the win!


Colt Blackwell battling for the front spot!

It didnt end up too well...

He got up like a the beast he is.....

J Locks

CB threw down some fast laps just to represent!

Jack Richard

Kenny Checkin the track to make sure it's prime for the 250 pro moto

TBell out front

Zeb Smith battling for the number 1 spot!

Good to see Zeb ripping again!

Dillan Epstein proved a point today with a 2nd place finish.

Naughty hypin up the crowd during the pro moto

Justin Bogle walkin away with the win.

B Whip whippin

Akana Day threw down some fast laps

Brook Whipple was on it the entire race holding off the rest of the chicks for the win!

Jennifer Burton is racing with a hurt shoulder and just couldn't put it together for a win.

B Green on Fire!

Luke Purther took a spill but battled back to top 5.

LP's the man!

MX really is a family affair!