The day started out good on the gate drop!!!

"Gimme my bike back!"

Jaisaac haulin under the playground bridge.

The option's a beast!

Peep Naughty in the back ground...oyeeeah!!!

He ended up gettin caught up with some lappers and ended up in 4th!

Rylas gets some for the crowd!

LP was ripping today!!!

LP got 3rd in the 85 mod age group

and 5th in the stock age group....killiin it dude!

Cole Varity throwin some roost. He got 2nd in 250 B mod!

Brian Burns representing out front even after takin a nasty digger the day before.

Thomas Covington was ripping all day!

Jesse Harvey Leading the pack on the first lap. Get it!

Oldenburg with some damn good form!

AB representin AZ

Dude is on a roll!


TBell haulin the mail!

He ended up gettin 4th in the Pro Class. Good on ya mate!

Eptein Was runnin second and reppin hard til a flat tire got the best of him.

Lil Aiden Tijero gettin out front!

Moto mom!!!


What you lookin at dude!

It's hot out here!


Zeb gettin gnar! He was out front til he had a nasty crash.

Abrigo runnin steady! NW represent!

Jonah Mack!

Get it!!!! Randal Williams and Colt Blakewell

Mechanic, rider, apprentice.

Get it J!


Jaisaac rippin them holeshots!

Jaisaac was runnin out front....

Til the heat got the better of his gas....boiled over!

He was still layin it down but ended up with a DNF...

Super Bummer!