Ariel Nix!

Jeff and his lovely lady!


Manga sportin the gladiator look

Waitin at the line...

Some jumpin jacks to start it off right!

Dane the man that brings the electricity!!!

Who reads a book during motos...haha!

Yes please!

Naughty gettin them angles!

Holeshot for breakfast!

Jaisaac rode awesome the whole moto....

Jaisaac gettin through the roost...

and some lappers for a 2nd!

50 class moto moms!

Get it!!!!


AB has been on fire winning motos left and right!

On the gas!!!

Cole Varity and his mechanic Scott!

Poppin out the rut!

Dalton Bailey taking the same line!

Crane thought I wouldn't use this!



Bergan Evans gettin it!

Rootin for Bergan!

Courtney is opening some eyes!

Gas boil prevention!

Matt from PC!

Jaisaac and Jon Jon battling for that holeshot!

Jaisaac went down the first lap and had to battle back!

JJ Ames ripping!

Jais rippin the whoops!

Jaisaac ended up fallin over while chargin back.....

He rode hard and ended up in 10th.

Ellie Nix

Ariel, Jeff, and Ellie Nix

Bummed on the falls!

Usual sight around the Varize pit...haha!

JJ gettin it!

Gordon Keller Jr. takin a dirt sample...

Crane representin Vurb!

Road n Dirt passin some time during motos!



Jammin throwin it down!

He was in first but fell over and charged for 2nd!

Cool me down!

Jon Jon's helmet after a nasty spill


Naughty bein an idiot!

Don't be lookin at my chicken!

Bike work!

The Uddbergs are the sh*t!

250 Pro moto!

TBell still haulin the mail!

Bell and Bogle battle

Zeb Smith is a beast!

Brook Whipple with the Holeshot and avoiding some mayhem!

Footpegs hurt!

She wanted to keep goin but her bike was messed up....bummer!

B Whip had a lil spill while in 1st....

Jennifer Burton took full advantage of it....

and took home the Women's Title.

Charlotte's Web?

Crane where's your booty shorts?

Hunter Rastavan

LP battling for the first spot!

Lil homie charged the whole time and got 3rd.

Gordon Keller Jr. comin all the way from Cali to throw down!

Blake Green was on fire!

You got a water gun...I got hose!

See you tomorrow!