Some bike work to start the morning off...


O yeah....Mavi fillin up some freshie water.

Pit crew.

Carb adjustments....

HJC potential new sponsor

Rylas Uddberg rockin the cue ball

Jammin Josh gettin deep in them ruts.

Dillan Epstein layin it down

Jaisaac riding Rylas's bike to get some laps in

Jon Jon gettin down.

Tyler Juarez came out and shredded with us.

Jesse throwin mad roost.

TJ's technician...

Flowers for the ladies...

Jais chargin

Rylas layin it down!

Good form my boy!

Naugthy got a gift...

Jaisaac hookin up Pierce Brown with a ride back to his pit...


to slam.

moto dads to the rescue.

Thankfully Jaisaac walked away from that one.

Epstein is on fire right now....

and ready to win at ponca!

Low n Fast!

Epstein part comin soon!


Yellow spokes...sick!

Moto dads on the watch

Peirce Brown

Rockin that 63!

Do this, not that!

Threadin the needle!

Dog droppin off the naughty's!

End of the day recap.

Naughty interviewing the texas crew.

Naughty stackin clips

See you all at Ponca!