Back to the good ole Starwest!

MC gettin Jaisaacs bike ready to rock

Chris Brennan waiting to beat someone up

Roy Barrios

Jaisaac....practice face.

Naughty gettin clips

Kyle Swanson came from TX to shred some CA tracks...

Lil Jimmy repping TX

Swanson attacking the whoop section

Austin White ripping

A. White gettin it done.

Naughty gettin dusty

Jaisaac throwin a lil whipper

Dillion Schehr throwin it down for the 119

Roy gettin aggresive

Jaisaac was killin this section!

Nasty whip on the triple

Jaisaac giving naughty a lil shout out.

Jaisaac under the watchful eye

Roy whippin that sh*t

Courtney wrapping up the session

Roy and Jaisaac chillin after a good practice

Don't cry over spilled gas!