Starwest oyeeeeah!!!!

Gettin ready to shreeed!

Some freshie new No Fear Gear

Them Italians are crazy...haha!

Crew minus me.

Naughty's lunch

Extra filmin hands on deck for some cool new stuff comin up soon!

Jaisaac....shreddin the 85's still.

Dillion Epstien was goin super fast!

Yeah...pretty sick!

John Pauk gettin sideways

Jaisaac is handling the 80's now that he rides a big bike too.

Gettin muddy for the shot!

Lil look back...

2nd part of naughty's lunch.

blisters and calluses

duct tape cure.


Naughty gettin fishy

Micah throwin a whip

For the peeps!

Then a hike up a mountain

The crew...Jaisaac, Naughty, Micah, and me.

Top of the mountain....yeaaah!

Naughty was gettin crazy goin back down.

Pushin rocks down the mountian.