Earrrrly morning drive...

ARMA rig reppin at the ARMA Triple Crown at Pala Raceway

Jaisaac lookin like predator ready to rip

My favorite new ARMA snack

Phil from ARMA makin it happen

Rylas Uddberg hurt his shoulder at the AZ open but came to support Jaisaac

Jaisaac up to his usual self bustin them holeshots

Jaisaac and Andrew Silvstien put on a great show for the fans.

The crowd was on their feet the entire supermini race!!!

Speedy G and his new bike

Luke Purther dominated the 65 classes all day.

Jacob Barnes takin the outside line

Braden Lessler takin the checkers!!!

Cody Bone got off to a bad start and ruined his knee. bummer dude!!

Brian Burns stepped his game up and was runnin with the big dogs!

Austin Burns was chargin out front all day.

Braden Lessler hittin them corners.

Matt Bynum...stoked on a win!!!

The Bynum fams

Trevor Hooten and his dad gettin ready at the line

Trevor Hooten battling for the front spot.

Jaisaac waiting to shred.

Lil Geezy reppin his set

Jaisaac stompin his gate...

and pullin...who needs a seat?!?

Jaisaac stayin out front.

Jaisaac was on it all day!

Gage Scherer was ripping as usual.

Chase Felong reppin the 402!!!

Jaisaac a throwin a nasty whip

Andrew Silverstein ripping on his big bike

Flying V!!!

Jaisaac gettin low and gettin the win

The Lessler Fams and Jaisaac chillin in the ARMA pit.

Austin Burns...kid is fast!

Tons of ARMA!!!

Jaisaac's new graphic kit looked sick next to the ARMA rig.

The Man, Hollywood, puttin in work.

Of the many Austin Burns and Andrew Silverstien battles

Brian Burns burnin...

...and pickin up hot chicks.

Luke Purther...stoked!!!!

Jaisaac with one more holeshot and a win to end the day.

Lots of metal, lots of ARMA!

The Crew reppin ARMA hard!

The trophies were sick!

Jacob Barnes showin his metal.

Chase Feelong...mad metal!

Jaisaac and Luke repped ARMA hard and won all their overals.