Jaisaac is baccccckkk!

and ripping!

A good crew!!!

Rylas Uddberg and his pops made their way down to AZ to shred for the weekend

Roost much? haha!

Tyler Juarez getting his trainin on in AZ....long ways from Texas dude!

Jaisaac's gettin down on big bikes now

Chance Luchessi came down from Vegas to get some laps in!

Mike Villegas putting down the camera to twist some throttle

Johnny Lee even came to shred...it's been awhile since we've seen him!

Yup...more corners, chance.

Jaisaac throwin some roooost!

Brianda Henry gettin back on her bike...

and ripping!

Tyler Cleaning his bike mid practice...gotta look good right?!?

homies chillin

Tyler lookin so fresh n so clean!

Battles for the holeshot!

This one didn't turn out to good for J....no holds barred at practice!

Broken clutch level from some bar bangin!

Tyler still pretty clean...

Bri was the last one outta the crew to stop riding...awesome!

Some new pitties...oyeah!

Big Mike makin it happin on the grill!

It was someones B-day....

Thoooooomas! HBD dude!

Some pit bikes and tractors to end the day....