On the road again....

Naughty Vision...

Naughty tryin to get some toes

Our homegirls Jenna and Mel rolled with us to LV so they can work the Toyota booth at SX

Girls just wanna have fun!

I wouldn't wanna be seen with naughty either

Some dice for the road!

Yeah....not much to say about this photo...haha!

Chicks throwin some dice

n winning...

Big time!

Oyeah....naughty bombs!

Dude was on fire no matter where we went

Planet Hollywood is sick!

Naughty got an early start...

and took a walk down the strip

Henna tat?


Was gonna go to SX but get picked up in a limo and went to the Mosely vs Pacman fight. Super sick!


Brandon Beaver killin it on the strip!

Axtion Magazine SX after party!

Beaver gettin craze!


Mel and Jenna

The chicks and some homies of theirs.

Richard from Axtion chillin hard!

Yup...he's the man.


PK from Milestone and Richard...the new mag is sick and has a Feature on Jaisaac, check it out!

Milestone crew!

Naughty found a friend....

then found a comfortable bed.

Vegas was awesome, eventhough we missed SX.

Then the long drive home...need a vacation for my vacation!