Our lil homie Braxton Prieto is quickly makin a name for him self on and off the track. Peep this edit with some shredding, talking about girls, riding in the snow, and stayin outta trouble!

Jaisaac and the crew shredding Loretta Lynns 2011 in fine form as usaul. Tons of dancing, smiles, heat, and of course fast moto riding! Theres even a little surprise blurb from Mr Don Naughty at the end.

We caught up with Dillan Epstein in Oklahoma at Robbie Reynards track before Ponca. The kid flat out rips! Check out this edit....exiting the b class, girls, nicknames, and fun!

Supermini 1 race, bibs, frisbee, girls, and rope swings...the essence of Loretta's is live and well in this edit. Peep game!

Jaisaac Sloan blazing fast at Loretta Lynns in Tennessee during practice plus bonus nix gets frisky with.... just watch m see ha ha. Good times with the whole crew as usual and awesome riding!

Tyler Juarez and Jesse Harvey were in Oklahoma for the Ponca City Grand Nationals and they met up with the jaisaacsloan.com crew for a ripping fun day at Reynards track a few days before the motos began. Everyone was havin a blast and shredding hard as usual. Enjoy!!!

Jaisaac and the crew were wreckin Ponca a few days ago! Jaisaac was mashing hole shots left and right and handling business all week. Good times at Ponca for sure!

Jaisaac Sloan and the crew are at The Ponca City Grand Nationals and are having a ripping time! Holeshots, Kenny, Mike Craig, Naughty, Lobster, Jammin Josh, Jeff NIx, Brook Whipple, Brian Burns, Colt Blackwell, Aiden Tijero, Dillon Schehr, Dillon Epstien, Jesse Harvey, Jonah Mack, Kent Snyder, McCoy Oldenberg, Rylas Uddberg, Reid Snyder, Tyler Jaurez, Daultin Bailey, and a gang of other awesome homeys blazing the track and gettin rad. Enjoy the vid and keep checking www.jaisaacsloan.com !

Jaisaac Sloan and the crew are at it again in Oklahoma while waiting in line for the Ponca city Nationals we had a chance to check out Reynards track. The crew was killing it and looking sharp and ready to blast off at Ponca.

We met Courtney Duncan at Reynards track, check out this edit of her telling us about her journey from New Zealand to here, whoopin up on the boys, and fighting Kangaroos....

Naughty caught up with some AZ locals at Comp Edge for the LL qualifiers. Becky Perkins interviews her lil brother, Dylan. They talk about gate prepping rituals, arm wrestling, and favorite tv shows while Dylan gets some on the track.

Jammin Josh has been on a mission lately and it shows! Check him out gettin nasty holeshots, winning , and choppin it up with naughty for the LL qualifiers at Comp Edge!

Naughty comes correct with an interview and some riding clips of AZ local Joseph Pena at the World Minis. Pena's hurt right now so he wont be shredding ponca or loretta's but he'll be back to ripping in no time. Get better homie!

A while back we stopped by the World Minis to check out some racing. Jaisaac was hurt at the time but we were all there to support the homies...Here's an sweet lil edit of Rylas Uddberg...peep game!

We caught up with the Smith sisters at Compedge LL regional qualifiers. These chicks are ripping and are on their way to get some holeshots at Lorrettas!

We stacked mad footy on the way up to Washougal. This edit is from a day at MMX in Sactown. Jaisaac gets stung by a bee, ARMAs are gettin bombed, and the homies are shreddin it...peep game!

Check out this day at clubmoto....the entire crew from norcal was there tearin it up. Jaisaac, the locks brothers, the smith sisters, and jammin josh. After shredding we went to a pizza joint for some grub, dice, and some food fights.

Jaisaac hits up Milestone MX for sunday-funday. Richard from Axtion Magazine and homie Dillon Schehr came out to join the fun and shred. Mr. "Boy Band" himself was kind enough to take a break from his busy schedule and grace the crew with his presence. The day concluded with a little winch fun. Don't be lame, peep game.

Hangtown was so much fun that Micah made another edit of the madness and shredding. Ben from ARMA, Bob Naughty, Shaun Naughty, Lobster, Nix, many more, and of course Jaisaac tearin it up. Check out the awesomeness!

Micah was enjoying a fun game of tetris....then things got weird! Jaisaac and the homies got in on the action...peep game!

Mavi finds a voo doo doll at Nuevo and it just so happens to look just like Don Naughty.. The crew has some laughs at Naughtys expense as they find out the thing actually works. This video is a must see!

We like to call this classical motocross. Check out Jaisaac and his pops orchestrating moto!
A few weeks back the Jaisaacsloan.com crew was at the Locks ranch hangin and having a blast. Blazing turns, skating, bbqing, wakeboarding, and blowing s#*t up. The crew was on point and having a great time as usual. Check this one out and check out more awesomeness at www.jaisaacsloan.com! Some chicken boy....chicken!
Check out Jaisaac shredding pala raceway with Jammin Josh and Jonah locks. Dudes were killin it, HB getting landed on, and Dogs gettin fed. Peep the awesomeness and stay tuned for more!
Don naughty and Lobster put down their cameras and Noodz put down the computer for a little while to go shred some crete. "We just always need to be having a grand old time". Dixon California played host to this little skate session where Jeff nix decided to film a few clips of the media crew doing what their thing.
Little jacob Barnes….. homey of the jaisaacsloan.com family stepped up to the chopping block and answered some of naughty and Jaisaacs crazy questions. Dude pushed his brother down the stairs. Don't mess with this kid on or off the track! Blazing through the turns and jumps at Perris raceway is a breeze for this little ripper. Enjoy the fun!
Jaisaac battles it out in the muddy mess of Washougal and qualifies for supermini 2. Unfortunately, some of the worst came true for the six-three as he failed to qualify for any of his big bike classes. We'll get there soon, but in the meantime feast your eyeballs on this steezy vid.
Jaisaac Sloan and crew headed up to E Street MX in sunny California for a ripping day of practice and fun! Arma nuts were gettin thrown, kids were dancin, and new friends were made. Thanks to everyone who came out for a good old time with the jaisaacsloan.com crew!
Jaisaac Sloan and crew are always on the search for good times and this week they were not disappointed. This video comes through in classic Jaisaacsloan.com form with tons of fun and smoking fast riding. Competitive edge in sunny California plays host to this practice day for the Southwest Loretta Lynns Regional qualifier. Practice days are never dull around this camp and the crew proves it in this video. You do not wanna miss this!! Tons of amazingness!!
Jaisaac Sloan and the crew are at it again, this time its to Hangtown in Northern california for a few days of fun in the sun and holeshots. Jeff Nee Eye ix the mechanic gets sentimental on the way there and breaks down his love for the game. This is an absolute must see! Stay tuned for more awesome at www.jaisaacsloan.com
Jaisaac and Luke Purther went to Nuevo to their shred on. Unfortunately Jaisaac blew up his bike so Jaisaac shredded the 110. Peep the edit!
Check out this vid from a Saturday Night race but on by MXracer.org. There was a ton of homies there shredding it up so we threw together a nicely lil edit. Check out all the homies ripping!
The Jaisaacsloan.com crew is always up to something and this last week was no different. Lobster and Naughty got into an argument about who was faster on a 110 and ended up training with Jaisaac and HB for a whole day. Naughty even went Fight Lab to get trained by Corey. It was a crazy amazing day and the next day they raced for tatts. Loser gets the winners name tatted on them! Sit back, pull up some popcorn, and watch the fun unfold at www.jaisaacsloan.com

Jaisaac Sloan and crew are at it again, this time its in California for a 250 intermediate race where Jaisaac was mashing corners and blastin big jumps! A bunch of the OG crew was there as well as some new heads to get in on the fun as jaisaacsloan.com storms the track and brings smiles wherever we go! Enjoy the fun here and at www.jaisaacsloan.com yeaaaaaa!!!

Our good friend and super hottie Lara Houston who was featured in both Other Than and Off Brand is filming a moving right now. Check out the trailer for her movie, Serial Blondes.

We've known Mr. Brian Burns for awhile now, so Naughty caught up with him at the World Minis in Mesquite. The Kid has grown up, gotten super fast, and got a hot girlfriend. Be on the look out for him in the future!!!!

Jaisaac's officially on WAR (We All Ride) so our homegirl Mel came down to help us put together a sweet lil video. Check it out!!!

Proskin Performance sponsors a race at Milestone every friday night so we decided to check it out. Some good racing on a good track with some good homies...peep!

Come on down to Don's Used Cars! Jaisaac's been hurt for a little bit so we've still been having tons of fun and filming all kinds of skits and short films. Here's one that we whipped up a little while ago, we had a blast making it and hope you enjoy it too.

We went out to Nuevo to meet up with Luke Purther to do some ripping. LP is one fast kid and is only getting faster. He's got a good head on his shoulders and is gonna be around for a while, so watch out!!!

Broken spokes, awesome mechanic, big ruts, and Don Naughty....Check out this day at Perris raceway!

Jaisaac sloan and crew are always having a good time and this day was no exception. Thomas turned 50 so you know we had to barBQ and get our cake on! A bunch of homees came out to arizona to ride and train on the turn track. Fun fun fun everyday at jaisaacsloan.com

While Jaisaac was busy training at the track, super mechanic Jeff Nix decided to put down the wrench and pick up a skateboard. With a little help and knowledge from Chick Norris he might just make it as a skateboarder after all.

Peep this practice edit from a little while back right when jaisaac was gettin back on the bike. We got some other homies up in this vid like Dover and Juarez havin some fun and gettin it done.

You've seen Jaisaac's first race back on stock bikes, now check out his first Mod race at Pala raceway for the Loretta Lynn Southwest qualifiers. Nasty holeshots, tons of dice, and the crew havin fun. Check out the craze and stay tuned for more!

Jaisaac comes back from his injury swinging hard in his first ever intermediate race at the southwest Loretta Lynns area qualifier. Jeff Nix, Don Naughty, and myself are all there and in on the fun as usual! Stay tuned for more goods!

Jaisaac Sloan and and crew slide on to the westside to shred moto and skateboards. Watch as the Jaisaac tows in the homies to mash on the ramps and rails. Stay tuned for more fun at www.jaisaacsloan.com

Check out this edit from a day at pala. Naughty bein naughty, Jaisaac shredding as usual, Chance LuKZ killin it, lobster trying to ride a dirtbike, and some homies riding dirtscooters for the first time.....fun day!!!
Check out Jaisaac and a bunch of homies tearin it up at Glenhelen. The track was rough and the wind was blowin but that didn't stop the shredders. Peep game!
Watch the heartfelt drama of the year right as Jaisaac says his final goodbyes to his 85 days. Tears get shed, rocks get hurled, and then the shredding ensues.....on a big bike! Sh#t is getting buck here at www.jaisaacsolan.com so don't even blink cuz you might miss the illy!
Our lil homie Brandon Hernandez rips! Here's an interview and some riding from Dodge. Peep this edit and if you race 65's watch out for the slide tackle!!!
Jaisaac talks about life on the road, the ups and downs of motocross, and having a crazy media crew mixed in with some bad ass clips from the past year. peep game!
Check out this day at competitive edge back in November 2010.Jaisaac and the homies braved the wind to get some laps in and had a little fun throwing bananas, roosting dogs, and talkin smack. O'yeah, Just wanted to let you all know that Jaisaac is walking and feeling good. He'll be getting back on the bike real soon...stoked!
We're goin to be previewing stuff from the past year so be sure to keep coming back. Check out this edit from the Loretta qualifiers at Lakewood,CO in 2010. Ton's of racing, fun, and hijinx. Check it!!!
Jaisaac Sloan and the crew close down the epic series of "This Life" with the saddest story we've ever told here at jaisaacsloan.com. Watch as a normal day of fun turns into an almost fatal accident at the track. A real human interest story unfolds in front of your eyes when the danger of motocross becomes scarily apparent. Stay tuned for more action at www.jaisaacsloan.com
Off Brand is lookin sick and gonna be droppin real soon! Here's a teaser for you to feast your hungry eyes on. Stay tuned to find out how your goin to be able to get your free copy when it comes out!

Here's with another crazy episode of "This Life" Moto, fighting, fun, rapping, dice, and more fun. You really don't wanna miss this one......we definitely had to blur out a few parts in this episode ha ha. Keep peepin www.jaisaacsloan.com for more fun and awesomeness!!!!!

Check out this awesome vid from the lil homie from Georgia. We're pumped on it and wanted to show the world.

Jaisaacsloan.com hottie gets rained on but still gets the job done! Peep game!

Check out our homie Dillon McCallister...you can call him DMac! Dude is rad and he rips on a bike. Peep this edit!

Jaisaacsloan.com comes back at you with at super fun slammin shreddin good time in the epic series "This Life" featuring the jaisaacsloan.com crew and friends. Watch as they ride motocross, climb mountains, battle on the dice table, and skateboard....kinda. This is a must see for anyone looking for some good times and smiles. Enjoy and stay tuned at jaisaacsloan.com for the rest of the radical episodes!

Odammnnn....Off Brand Promo!!! Video's dropping sooner than you think!

Episode 2 of "This Life". Jaisaac Sloan and the crew head to Glenhelen for some practice. Hyjinx, shredding, cooking, puking, twinkie, and homies havin fun. Stay tuned for new episodes everyweek!!!

Deep from the Vaults of jaisaacsloan.com we bring you Jammin Jessica. Hailing from Utah, Jessica keeps it hot at Throttle 215 and Western Arenacross Nationals. Watch out for her in the future!

Check out this blooper reel from a skit we filmed for Off Brand. The Video is lookin sick and will be droppin before you know it!!!

Jaisaacsloan.com gives you a real behind the scenes look at what really goes on in the world of motocross, on and off the track. You don't wanna miss this series! PART 1 OF 5. Stay tuned for more awesome episodes!!!

Our mechanic Jeff Nix doesn't know what to do with his hands but he sure does know how to twist a wrench!!! Check out a day in the life of nix at the Arizona Open.

Check out our homie Roy Barrios from the swamps of Louisana. He came out to Perris to kick it with the crew and train with Chris Brennan. Peep his interview and some shredding!!!

We wanted to do something a lil different so at ACP we filmed some day in the life type stuff with the crew. Here's mine!

Check out Rachael Smith talk about beating her sister, boys, bieber, gettting holeshots, and ripping on her dirtbike.

Check out this interview and riding footy from Mesquite with out lil homie Jammin Josh. Jammin rips and his family rules!

Round here at jaisaacsloan.com we love ourselves some hot babes plain and simple. We know you do too so feast your eyes on this one. Enjoy!

Airsoft guns, ridin, and homies....doesn't get any better then that. Check out this edit with Jaisaac Sloan, Blake Green, Chris Brennan, and Kremer Patterson shredding perris raceway awhile back.

Check out this riding and interview footage of Jonah Locks from Mesquite Proskin Winter National. This kid is only 14 and gets to these races on his own with the help of friends. He gets it done!

Joseph Pena hails from Arizona and is ready to take on the moto world. Check out this riding footage and interview from the Arizona Open where he talks about goin fast, soccer, and being short and not takin sh*t from no one.

Check out jaisaacsloan.com's gangland as we interview real G's!

Luka Kalaitzian talks about So-Cal Metrakit, ridin motocross, havin no fear, and shredding at the Arizona Open. Check out his lil edit!

Check out this edit from when Jaisaac dominated the Proskin Mesquite Winter Nationals....The kid is on another level right now!

Micheal Hazlett tells us about fire school, riding hard, and ripping at life. Check out this riding and interview from Arizona Open.

Jaisaac and Blake Green get in a few jumps n turns before Jaisaac's chain breaks and they bail back to the crib to bash some barrels and jump rocks in the yard.

Brandon Lieth MothaF#$#in rips...Brandon hails from Utah, gotta blacked out bike, and has checked out from school!!! Peep his edit!

We met the Elko boys at the Mesquite Winter National...The cold in Elko, UT makes these dudes crazy and go fast when they get the chance...check em out!!!

Sometimes I drive the big rig....sometimes I get angry.

We noticed Gracie Van Horn as she was hangin with the dudes in the supermini class at mesquite. After watching her kill it all weekend we had to find out a little more about her. She's a cool chick that we'll send you boys packin...so watch out!

Michelle Smith loves drama, her family, and racing motocross. Check out this interview and some shredding from Mesquite.

Reid Snyder killed it at Mesquite this year. Check out this interview and riding from there!!!

Peep the newest Off Brand commercial....Laughing with lobster.

The Mesquite Winter Nationals was the first race outside of CA for the one and only Rylas Uddberg. Check out this interview and some sick riding clips.

Thanksgiving day was a blast at Mesquite...Check out Jaisaac ripping and motorcross family's wishing you a happy thanksgiving!

Jaisaac training and battling with his pops at Pala Raceway. Mr "Hollywood" Scott Sepcovick came through and popped off some laps too.

Bryce Dozier commercial for Off Brand....new video coming sooner than you think!

This day at Milestone was awesome!!! Blake Green, Mike Craig, Babes, and the one and only Jeremy McGrath...check it out!!!

Here's a lil sneak preview to Off Brand, Jaisaac's new vid that's dropping soon. Peep this edit of Jaisaac, Jantz Grodzicki, Tanner Amarillas, and Beau Bentley shredding Lakewood, CO.

This was a fun day at the turn track in Arizona awhile back. Tanner Amarillas and Mike Villegas were shreddin with me while the rest of the crew was havin fun.


Jaisaac and his buddy Blake Green dive head first into the cooking world and add their own twist. An Arma energy snx pecan pie. Watch here to see how it turns out.


Another gnarly training day at Nuevo. The crew reunited with Dover and had fun in the rain...peep the edit!


So Naughty can be alot to handle sometimes...this conversion was recorded on the way back from riding and is what I have to put up with almost every day...haha!


Jaisaac Sloan and the homeys rip, shred, mash, robble, speed, turn, slash, gas, touch, ill, and ride motorcycles at Nuevo in California.


Check out our lil homie Jammin Josh Varize chillin with jaisaacsloan.com at Mesquite.


Check out this new edit of the awesome Smith Sisters, Rachael and Michelle. These chicks rip on and off the track!


Jaisaacsloan.com brings you Brock "the Beast" Lofton!!! Cool kid that has fun on and off the track. Checkout this hyphy edit from Branson!


Jaisaac and the homies get busy during the day, riding and filming. While jaisaac sleeps the crew gets rowdy. Jake Locks and his Bay Area homies rep their set with Naughty.


Check out this edit from Dodge Amatuer Nationals 2010 and watch Jaisaac crash and burn!!!


Jantz Grodzicki and his family are always at the big races and always down for a good time. Check out Jantz and his fams talkin about sandals, racing, and stuff he didn't want to be on the internet at Dodge 2010. Keep ripping Jantz!


O man!!! First Branson Amateur Nationals 2010 edit...this race was crazy from the start and only got better! More awesomeness from branson coming soon so keep checkin out jaisaaclsoan.com!

Ponca City and Loretta's was Jason Anderson's last races as an amateur so we wanted to make a lil edit of it. He killed but wasn't to be found in the pits so Naughty chopped it up with his mechanic at the time, Jeff Nix. Jeff liked us so much he's now the mechanic for jaisaacsloan.com...yeah!!!

Jaisaac killin it at dodge, Don Naughty's track shower, homies gettin down...peep the day 3 edit from dodge son!

Peep the practice day edit from Dodge Amateur Nationals out here in Sacramento, CA. Plenty of craze already and plenty more to come. Stay tuned!!!

Join us as we follow Don Naughty on his journey to brand his body for life with a jaisaacsloan.com tattoo. Watch as he attacks his liver full force and forces uncomfortable interactions with whoever dares step into his beer fueled path.

Jaisaac and the homies went to Pala to have some fun and practice for Dodge. J's riding super good and is ready to win!

Jaisaac and the crew moved to California to ride and train full time. Check out a day in his new life in Cali riding with C-Bone and chillin with Don Naughty and Lobster at the new crib.

Don Naughty appears as the moto hunter...follow him as he tries to find the motocross hunter!!!

We had tons of footage from the ARMA amatuer nationals at Pala so we made another edit from that race. Watch Jaisaac and the homies get wet and rip it up!

Check out our homie Brian Burns. We kicked it with him while practicing for the ARMA race at pala. Cool kid, loves the pit drama, and goin fassssst!!!

Arizona Local, Jacqueline Strong has been killin it lately. Racing at the Xgames and all the other pro events. We got some sick footage of her at the Utah Arena Cross race awhile ago...check it out!

Jaisaac and the homies gettin scary for some skits....Nightmare on Moto Street.

Odammnnn....Off Brand Promo!!! Video's dropping sooner than you think!

Jaisaac Sloan, Blake Green, Jonah Locks, Jake Anderson and the whole crew went out to The Palo Raceway for the Arma nationals and repped it super hard all day. Special guest appearance with Utopia's Aldo.
Pala practice day 2. Jaisaac ripping with some homies and havin fun. Peeeep!!!
Jaisaac's been practicing at Pala Raceway for the ARMA amateur national. Blake Green, Mike Villegas, and Blake Lilly have been ripping with J. Check it out!
Check out the other badass Butler brother....Jerod Butler...aka. Jack the Whipper. We filmed this at the Utah Arena cross where Jack talks about chicks, his homies, and racing.
One of the badass Butler Brothers...Rocky Butler. We filmed this at the utah arenacross event. He talks about chicks, beer, fights while naughty gets wasted....check it out!!!
Jonah Locks repping the bay area, asian chicks, gangsta rap and arenacross...badass kid and funny interview...check it!!!
Check out this badass video from awhile back at Glenhelen raceway. Luc Santos, Blake Green, Thomas Covington, Jaisaac Sloan, and Don Naughty gettin crazy at the track!!!
Brad Turpin ripping at loretta lynns...check it out!!!
Mason Bangereter reppin throttle 215 mx park and throwin it down on the big jumps. Check it!!!!
Check out our homie Zach Burnett...He shreds on a motocycle and loves chasin the ladies. Watch out for him in the future!!!
Check out our little homie Cade Britt. He's a rad lil kid and rips too! He podiumed at both ponca and lorettas.
Check out this video from lorettas!!! Jaisaac had a string of bad luck at lorettas, but we managed to keep it fun have a blast. Keep it shred!!!
Jaisaac and the homies at Loretta Lynns...they can't help but smile cause Lorettas is so siiiiccckkkk!!!
Jaisaac practicing, cliff jumping, bbq's, chicks, and homies. 1st day at Lorettas. Yeah!!! Place is so awesome!!!
Check out this behind the scenes edit from Ponca...super funny!
Check out this vid from the last day of racing at Ponca City Grand Nationals 2010. Super fun week with Jaisaac and the homies!!!
Keegan Bak was our neighbor at Ponca City. He likes perfect drinking water and goin fast...check it!
Check out our homie Bink Lewis talk about rednecks, moonshine, and racing at Ponca City Grand Nationals 2010.
Jaisaac and friends face the mud monster, twins, hole shots, babes, dancin, and tons of fun at Ponca City nationals 2010
Lots of fun on day 3 of racing at Ponca City both on and off the track! Peep the Vid!!!
Have you heard?!? Heard what...that the bird is the word!!! Check out this cool vid from day 2 of racing at the Ponca Grand Nationals.
Ponca City Grand Nationals. First day of racing. Jaisaac raced super good all day. He led one race til the white flag and washed out in a turn ending up in third. Tons of homies in this edit that are winning races....Tyler Juarez, Blake Green, Tanner Amarillas, and a bunch more!
Check out the practice video from Ponca. Jaisaac and the homies are lovin the track and ready to rip!
Part 2 of the field interview video...check it out!!!! Naughty is hilarious!
We've been chillin in the field next to Ponca raceway waiting for out spot. Don Naughty decided it would be a good time to see what all the moto peeps around the pits are up too.
Village Creek MX in Ft. Worth TX. Super cool track. Jesse Harvey and Tyler Juarez shredded it up with Jaisaac while the rest of our crew had fun in the pits.


Jaisaac training at Matt Walkers track. There we're some other riders there too. Colton Ford,Cody Mculoch, Nick Gaines,John from Canada, and a rider from Hawaii.


We went to AMP MX in Alabama during our break from filming a movie in Georgia. Grey Tate, Mark Mathius, Aaron Clarke, and Connor Grupe rode with us there. The track is suppper sick and the owners are cool too. You'll definitely be hearing about this track in the future!!!


We checked out Bremen MX in Bremen Georgia the other day for a little local race. We hung out with some cool locals: Mark Mathis, Greye Tate, Micheal Mayes,Connor Grupe, and Nightmare Turner. Cool track and fun lil race!!! -Lobster


Practicing and having fun at Perris Raceway with Ben Dover and Don Naughty....check it out!!!


Perris Raceway Hot Summer Nights Round 1. Some super heated battles with my homie Blake Green. Tons of fun!!!


Thomas Covington, Blake Green, and Luc Santos raced the Perris Hot Summer Nights series. Lots of fun with some good battles. Christian, Mike, and Lexi Craig were thoughly entertained with Don Naughty the entire time.



Having fun with the homies and qualifying for Loretta Lynn's. Check it out!!!


Heres a sick montage of a bunch homies from the loretta Lynn regional qualifiers...Chance Lucessi, Connor Gardina, Austin Burns, Tanner Amarilla, Jantz Grodziki, Robert Hailey, Blake Lilly, Jammin Josh, Rachel Smith, Michelle Smith, Blake Green, Jaime Gardner, Brandon Hernandez, Cody Bone, and Big Tex Beau Bentley .Check it!!!!


I've been practicing at a bunch a tracks around so cal with the homies. Here's an edit from Barona. More edits comin sooooon!


Check out this vid from Speedworld in AZ. I got wrecked but a bunch of other homies are holding it down.


We just released Other Than , super stoked!!! Shops around the country should be recieving Other Than DVDs to give away. Click here or on the side banner for a map and list of dealers. If your shop doesn't carry Other Than Let them know to contact us at info@jaisaacsloan.com so you can get your free copy!


Dreams are always good....this one is a funny one. We had a good time making it.


Day Three of the World Minis. Racing hard and having fun. Check it out!!!


Day two of the World Minis. I had an unlucky crash today while leading, but still managed to finish and have fun with the homies.


Here's a vid of the first day of practice for mesquite....Tracks is sick, the crew is having fun, and we're ready to race!


The Smith Sisters have been ripping lately. Check out Rachel and Michelle in this video from Lake Whitney and Oak Hill.


Camped out before Mesquite World Minis.....Pogo sticks, wrestling matches, and Don Naughty...New Mesquite Videos coming soon!!!


Day 1 of OakHill Grand National Championships. Practicing and having fun with the homies...


Day 5 of the Spring classic...I got 5th in one race and the other I blew up another engine, super bummed! We still had fun crew though...check out the vid!!!


Day 4 of the Spring classic was frustrating! My bike ended up leaking antifreeze at the start gate causing my tires to spin and I got a really bad start. I only got to race once. I wanted more!!!


Day 3 of the Spring classic was funnnn!!! I raced hard and got a top 5. A bunch of homies from Next Generation Fitness came over and kicked it. I'm stoked to be at the races!


Here's the day 2 video of the Lake Whitney Spring Classic. I only got to race one moto today, can't wait to race some more!


Day 1 of the Lake Whitney Spring Classic. We got delayed a day because of rain. I practiced hard today, found some sweet lines, and got some good lap times. Cant wait to race tomorrow!!!


Day 3 of the Lorretta Lynn SW qualifiers. I had a pretty awesome weekend...the track was good, had lots of fun with the crew, and qualified for the regionals. Lookin forward to the season!!!


Day 2 of the Loretta Lynn Southwest Area Qualifiers at Arizona Cycle Park. It rained in the beginning of the day which made the track awesome. We had a few problems, but I managed to pick up a few wins and qualified for the regionals. Stoked!


Day 1 Video from the Loretta Lynn Southwest area qualifiers at Arizona Cycle Park. We got all new bikes this season so we are testing and getting'em all dialed in.This is the first race of the season. It was awesome to be racing again and can't wait for the rest of the season.


Check out the Trailer for Other Than! We've been working on this movie for awhile now. It will be out soon and you'll be able to steal a copy from your local motocross store. It's been super fun to film with lots of racing, hijinx, and friends.


Lake elsinore Amatuer Supercross. This is the first time jaisaac raced on a supercross track. He had lots of fun and can't wait to do it again.


Our friend, actor Joseph James, hungout for a few days and made a cool little video for us. Check it out!


Went out to Mesquite Nevade for the Proskin Thanksgiving national. The Track is super fun. The world minis are there this year. I can't wait to race here again!


Phoenix Amateur Open- 2009. Lots of ups and downs at this race. Eventhough I blew up three motors and got a flat I managed to get a championship.


Banson super mini 09- We had to go all the way back here after the mud washed out the track a few months earlier. I was super stoked that I got championship in the supermini class.


Went out to Texas before the Branson race and trained with Next Generation Fitness. Chris Brennan got my muscles right, while Jason Anderson and I practiced on the track.


I've been training with Brianda Henry alot lately. She fly, she high! In this vid we had a BBQ and then went to ACP to practice.


We were out in Sacramento Racing. We hooked up with Pronto Pics Cole Brummond. The kid loves M&Ms, I almost got him for his bike.


We were out at Perris Raceway and hooked up with Brianda Henry at the CMMC Mini-nationals. She did good and got herself a win!


We went up to Sacramento for the Dodge National 2009. This track gets really rough. I had a few bad crashes but I got a win in the supermini moto. Check it out!


This was my first time at Pala raceway. This track is perfect. No rocks, perfect dirt, and lots of fun. I'm gonna be going back for sure. I love that track!


We went out to Oklahoma for the Ponco City National. This is one of the biggest races of the year. This is my supermini moto, I battled with keith Tucker swapping positions the whole time and barely got the win at the end.


We went out to Texas for the Lorretta Lynns Southwest regional qualifier at Lake Whitney Raceway 2009. I was stoked cause I was able to secure at the Lorretta Lynns.


Sara Price and I went out to Zach Beavers turn track in Texas. Sara's awesome to hangout with and rips on a bike! Check her out on WMA circuit.


I've been training with Matt Walker in Georgia. Kentucky's hearthrob AJ Sholar showed up and we got some practice in.


I've chillin with Beau Bentley at his track in Texas. Watch him take on some llamas. Super funny!


Real talk with Blake Wharton


I've been out in Georgia with Matt Walker. Eric Goodson and I had lots of fun practicing!


Jaisaac and his homies Mike Villegas and Bri Henry having fun and practicing.


Jasiaac and friends went to magic mountian and had some fun inbetween races.