Woke up to wetness...no Practice, super bummer!

The sun came out for a bit and the track was lookin prime.

Check out the back up track if it rains to much.

Typical Washington skies...

The pit!

Motorhome wheelie!

Lil Greeson!

Moto Chicks make it happen!

Miranda Sanayei and Brook Whipple rockin the tall tees...

O damn!

Got the dice goin....

4, 5, 6...it's a winner!

Jeff explaining what he's gotta do to Jaisaac's bike to get it ready for the mud.

Party in the pits!

Can't wait to take a sweet photo here.

Jonah Locks listening to the announments.

Chasin naughty cause he stole my glasses...

Got him.

The Man that makes it happen...Ryan Huffman.

Naughty gettin a track ride...

and a kiss from a monster dog.

Best view ever!

Nix brought his golf clubs.

So Naturally we had a lil tourney.

Naughty tryin to utilize his real golf skills.

Jonah Locks was the scorekeeper.

Chance Lu-K-Z was killin it...


Right into the water hazard.

HB's winning put!

Kids making fortune flags.

Jonah shredding some kids mini track.

Snatch says got to realmotocross.com

On the road in the fun mover for some fun.

Jaisaac checkin out the scenery.

Naughty catchin up on some zzzz's.

Along with everyone else.

Big Al's is sick!


Some bowling....

Nix with a strike.

and a monster plate of nachos!

Brook Whipple, Miranda Sanayei, and Jaisaac.

Hammers gettin thrown!

Jaisaac's ready to throw down some hammers during some motos tomorrow!