Super sick track!

Goooood Morning Jaisaac!

Ryan Walters from Vurb came to say what up!

Practice face!

Naughty found a moto snake!

Mavi found the hood part of a hoodie.

Whatcu lookin at!

Ryan gettin them shots!

Super muddy practice.

Yup...lil rough!

Triple booter!

Nix cleaning mud.

Jaisaac cleaning his headgear.

Riders meeting.

Disc it n Rip it!

The sun never came out.

First moto of Washougal!

Austin Burns is on fire!

Brian Burns....

Chargin up front.

Jonah Locks tryin to get away from the madness.

Holeshot for breakfast...

Jaisaac getting throught the S turn section.

Jaisaac won his first moto in the Supermini class. stoked!

Luke Purther and his pops.

Iain Grae representing for

For the checkerd!

Ryan Abrigo came out and shredded the 450 prosport class.

Jaisaac chillin with the homies.

Austin Burns....oyeeeeahhh!

Ryan Huffman makin it happen.

Thomas Covington with a wicked holeshot!

Jaisaac got a bad start in this moto but that didn't stop him from chargin hard.

The S turn section was gnarly.

Naughty walkin up the hill.

Luke Purther on the gas!

Cade Walker stayin out front.

Miles Mcdonald battling the ruts

LP stayin out front.

Jaisaac chargin on his 250

Austin Burns layin it down.

Trippy photo

Dominic Greeson representing Nor Cal!

Jonah Locks

New filming technique?

Flaggers makin it happen.

Brian Burns was killin it all day.

Lil Brandon Hernandez went 2 for 2 on holeshots today.

So what if I need braces!

Jammin Josh was havin some bad luck today but kept on chargin.

Aiden Tijero

No Visor, No Googles, No Good.

Jaisaac grabbing another holeshot in the supermini class.

These ruts were deeeep!

And for the win!

We're goin to Lorettas!!!!

The Arsenal

Yup, cold and rainy.

Super bummer!

Alyas Wardias Makin it happen sans googles.

Yeah this moto was nasty!

Naughty slippin all over the place tryin to help out the lil kiddies.

Complete mayhem!

Darian Sanayei won the 85 mod in muddy fashion.

More slippage.

Gettin dirty helping the lil dudes.

Good Karma for Naughty.

Mud Fest!

Jaisaac chargin through the mud.

The Bikes didn't like the mud either.

Happy, dirty parent.

Jonah's face pretty much says it all.

At least the fans were still enjoying the rain and mud.

Sweet rain boots!

Just in case someone gets stuck in the mud.


Bikes need a lil bath.

Someone got a shower we can use?

New Graphics....mud.

A nice lil fire to end the day....