Good Morning fog!

The Main track was unrepairable from the day before...

So they set up a turn track in the nearby field for the last day of the event.

The untilled grass was causing mayhem everywhere!

Brian Barnes did an awesome job announcing all weekend.

Jaisaac waiting for his first moto of the day.

Tyler Bereman


Cresson Fams

The only good thing about the grass track was that everyone had a good view.

Tyler Bereman out front in the 450 prosport class

Tyler throwin up some freshly cut grass

Jaisaac got a bad start in his first 250B stock moto...

A slip out didn't help the cause but he still charged it like a G.

Ty Siminoe was on point all weekend.

Brian Burns spraying the fans.

Covington and Wardius battle

Long ride back to the pit


Kolton Walker shreddin like his big brother.

A whole lotta bikes!

Dominic Greeson

Jonah Locks

Media coverage

Marcus Nims stayin out front!

Last words...

Tanner Paulsen and his pops

Jammin and it's chicken man!

Flag drop jump it, you lose a lap.

This dude has to drop the flag and run and as fast as he can....crazy!

Brandon Hernandez with a nasty holeshot!

Jammin doin his thing...

He had some bad luck this weekend but still charged it like a man.

Aiden Tijero was killin it all weekend.

Tanner Paulsen gettin it!

Austin Burns was on Fire at both tracks!

Jordan Carroll waitin to get his shred on.

This dude did like 3 laps with these flags...awesome!

The Walker brothers

Jordan ripping his lil 85.

Kyle Greeson

Kade Waker throwin some roost my way.

Luke Purther did real good for his first real race on a 85

He qualified so we'll be seein him at lorretta's.

Ryan Holloway and his fams were pitted next to us.

He was shredding his 150.

Jaisaac battling for that front spot in the supermini class

Jaisaac setting up for some slippery turns

Jaisaac working the S turns

Chance had someone go down right in front of him.

It's all right lil buddy....brush it off and get back in the saddle.

The track was SLIPPERY! Blake Green goin down. He got back up and took the win though.

Braxton Prieto was out front in all of his motos.

Jaisaac was out front most of the moto....

Then a few slips caused him to end up out of the top 5...bummer!

Brook Whipple Leading the chicks!

Tyler Bereman makin sure he stays out front.


Walt gettin it done!

Bereman comin out the gnarly ruts..

Jaisaac tryin to get past the roost.

Jaisaac protecting the inside

The Ruts got gnarly

And when there wasn't any ruts it was super slick.

Brian Burns' GF Dallas hookin up his googles for him

Jaisaac picked up some bling on the last moto.

Nix and some of the crew behind him

Miles Mcdonald was battling for the #1 spot in this photo.

Darian Sanayie gettin the holeshot....check out that flying V formation.

Blake Green won his 85 age group motos.

Sleeve rolled up...doin work!

Mad Green!

Jennier Burton won both of the Womens motos in fine form!

Brook Whipple had a few bobbles but came back and is goin to Lorettas....oyeah!

Naughty throwing some barefoot roost.

Gettin the MC all hooked up for the next race.

Gonna miss the view!