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As you may or may not know, Mr Jaisaac Sloan is braving the heat in Arizona for the time being to train up for that Loretta's heat. Today we braved the lethal sun blasted ACP track in Buckeye. The temps were up to 105 degrees by the time we left and this photographer got some nice painfull sunburns to prove it ha ha. Enjoy the pictures because we had a blast making them!!!!!


Arizona Cycle park keeps it 100!


That 63 machine with a very happy boy in the background. He loves to ride!

The kid himself (Jaisaac) looking mischievous.

Jaisaac shining while he fills up dat gas tank.

Jaisaac spitting dirt right off the bat.

Dr Tristan Truax looking like P-Diddy with those diamond ear decorations.

Pit life at tha ACP! Gotta stay in the shade.

Cory Reed perspective shot.

Thats a big pile of poop right there. Peace.

Cory Reed doing the deed.

Cory getting low likabowse.

Cory attacking all corners.

We out here! I hate it when people say that but I felt it was appropriate here.

Motocrosscoach.com truck reppin.

Cory gained a few pounds of mud on his first few motos ha ha.

Bucky talking about some kind of moto move. AWESOME!

Micah 1000 all up in my new chair! I love this thing so much! I can't wait to sit in it again!

As you can see by the arms, something like this takes a lot of muscle to do!

Kyle wrenches for Cory. Here he is pimpin with a nice Cory reflection in his glasses.

This dude was trying to kick it so I shot him.

Jaisaac scrubbing the bad larry!

Cory karate kicking that thing!

For a whole lot of people over the years this has been a common sight. Roost in yo face!

Mr Colt 45 peeling out of a turn with speed!

The crew getting some training in all day every day. Moto life!

Tristan Truax hustling this whipper snapper like he does!

Tristan blasting out of this turn like a bowse.

jaisaac under the watchful eye of the Bucky. Blazing fast!

Colt 45 getting lower than a bird who has a hurt wing so he has to stay on the ground and just chill until his wing gets better.

Jaisaac scrubbing with that West Coast Chill W looking proper.

Watch that peg cuz!

Life is a gift! Make good use of it friends!

Jaisaac flying like a bird. But not like big bird from sesame street because that dude can't fly.

Jaisaac with that lean air steeze.

Justin Buckelew looking pretty pleased about his sandwich.

Pit life!

Training at good old section 8. Not to be confused with section 8 housing which has to do with low income housing with government assistance.

Insert song lyric here. Oh baby baby its a wild world. The track is looking proper!

Jaisaac getting all steezy!

Ii had to get in pretty close with this wide angle lens to get some of these shots but do you think I was scared? Nope ha ha ha.

Colt 45 hittin switches on the 125.

Cory getting tweaked in the morning!

Jaisaac getting real close!!

Jaisaac whippin that tail. Is that a tail whip?

I really can't tell who this is but whoever it is, is nailing it!

Being underneath a bigass bike like this is kinda sketchy sometimes but I trust the homey Jaisaac !!!

Bucky Mx callin the shots.

Jaisaac still at it!

Tristan spotted this little dude.

And then tried to catch him. Fast little sucker.

Cory in his life vest steeze.

Cory's "brogio" bag. Well ventilated!

Colt 45 knows how important it is to floss while o the track..Got that sterling.

jaisaac and Colt 45 battle!

Jaisaac flinging some roost around the spot.

Tristan digging hard.

Jaisaac and Colt 45 attack battle mode fun.

Micah 1000 getting risky...Or am I?

Battle laps is good for the soul! These lap times were no joke dude!

Colt drop bike.

Tristan vs Colt 45. Armwrestling championships.

Jaisaac getting framed while I try to get artsy.

Colt 45 is buff. Duh.

Jaisaac in the middle of a 20 plus two moto in 104 degrees.

Bucky and Colt cheering Jaisaac on!

A cool down sesh and time to rest up to do it all over again tomorrow!

Have a good day friends!!!!


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