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Today is Thursday Juune 27th and in Phoenix the high is 115 degrees. Hmmm, what better place to train for Loretta Lynn's! Lets' do this!


In classic Arizona steeze I decided to pull off on the way to the track and grab a few scenery shots. Cacti and desert.

desert 2 |ˈdezərt|
a dry, barren area of land, esp. one covered with sand, that is characteristically desolate, waterless, and without vegetation.

Some kind of cactus all up in my face.

This picture makes me hot just looking at it. I had to be super careful of scorpions and rattlesnakes during this little mission. Luckily I didn't see any.

Found this bull skull and glued it to my dash. JK. It's plastic.

Welcome to Canyon Motocross park people!


63 mafia represent!


Not really sure what's going on here.

Scott Haver startin it out with a floater over the finish line.

Jaisaac up in dem streets.

Cory Reed on his trusty steed.

Justin letting em know what time it is.

Our pit for today. Just trying to stay out of the sun in between motos.

Jaisaac practicing being in the air.

Jaisaac getting warmed up.

Scott lookin fresh!

Jaisaac kicking some dirt in the desert as he exits a turn.

Scott also kicking some dirt in the desert.

Jaisaac getting that foot out for the ratchets.

Jaisaac up and at em with speed!


I like to make rock stacks.

Scott executing great form on this blaster.

As you can see the termites got ahold of this bad boy. I think it looks cool.

Cory stand up masher.

B2N on the set of the new moto photo shoot at Canyon ha ha.

Cory contemplating Bucky's instructions.

Scott thinking em over too.

Jaisaac looking eager to get back to riding.

Scott comes blasting up from below.

Jaisaac back up attack!

Cory kicking some dirt part one of two.

Cory kicking some dirt part two of two.

Scott flying out of the corner with speed.

Bucky "look....dirt"

Colt 45 "ohhhhh"

Colt 45 with one of his many fans. Colt sat today out because of some bike problems.

Taking a little breather.

Cory like!

Moto moms rule! raising31.com

Still a whole lotta moist dirt left boys!

Back to it players!

Jaisaac getting all siloutteish.

Jaisaac turning in the air.

Cory and Jaisaac doing a llittle sparring.

Sparring for lots of laps!

Air spar? ha ha.

Cory flying around this place

Jaisaac blast off!

Cory with a whipper snapper.

Starting to get a bit dusty!

Jaisaac flinging one towards the electric lines.

Jaisaac robble robble.

Cory and Kyle must go so here's a little departing gift. Some knucks.

Colt 45's poor little broke bike mountain.

West coast chillin!

Colt pit life fun.

Jaisaac trying to keep the flys away with a plastic bag of water. Supposedly they see their reflection and get scared to hang so they leave.

Lemme get some shade player!

Jaisaac turning with those background umbrellas!

Jaisaac turning without those background umbrellas! Speed!

Colt 45 told me to take this picture!

Take a breath in this dang heat ha ha.

Jaisaac soaking it up about two feet off the ground.


Jaisaac turning one with some steeze!

Too close for comfort! I got hit with some rocks when he landed this one ha ha.

Its about that time! load em up, go workout, sleep repeat!

My cooler of goodies! Don't worry. It's just water!

Colt 45 flossing his chain.

Gimme five mane! And we out!

Whoah! This thing is way bigger up close!

See ya'll next time!!!!!!!



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