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Sick day training at Canyon Mx with the homies!


Crusin to Canyon MX.


Gassin up for the day.


Jonah Playin Mechanic for the day.


The crew talkin bout the plan for Lorettas.


Jonah gettin the angle.




Austin and Jonah bike talk.




Jaisaac killin this section.


Shreding that corner.


Scott layin it down today.


Gettin Low.


Jonah getting that chain just right!




Jaisaac gettin that leg up.


Scott throwin roost.


Jonah seeing how its done right!


Jais nailing that rut.

Austin tryin to look cool for the camera.

Soo Fast!

Jaisaac getting up close and personal.

love this shot!

Austin with a bit of bike trouble.

Nothin Jonah Locks can't fix.


The bike may be fixed but it was definitely done the redneck way.

Bruckshaw doin his thing!

Wheelie Time!!!

Jaisaac just hangin it out.

Justin Buckelew doin his thing.

Sick backdrop.

Scott gettin them corners down .

Sleeping on the job.

Justin Keeping a close eye on those lap times.


Cool lookin corner.

Austin gettin steezy.

Cool little scrub jump.

Bustin out some style over the scrub jump.

Jumpin into the rut.

Scott jumpin out of the corner.

Charging up the hill.

Scott getting a little close on this one.

Sick sand corner.

Dang it was hot out there.

Till Next Time.


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