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Holler atcho boy!!! We out here in Oklahoma tryin to get some training in in-between the rianstorms. Peep the pics and share em around.


Pit life! Jonah getting that early morning grub.

Will using some kind of arm cross tooth brush technique thing. Might have to try it!

Jammin Josh repping his set! West Coast Chill!

That 63 machine waiting patiently in the garage.

Jaisaac mixing up some potion for his bike.

Stacks on stacks on stacks!! WCC!

Our lovely pit. One of those trees dropped a branch on us last night but didn't harm anything.

Austin Bruckshaw putting in a new clutch or fender or some bolt or some crap.

Jonah washing his bike in-between some trees.

I went on a little nature walk and came up on this spider picture.

Sparky Sparks West Coast Chill you know the deal!

Father and son killa combo! Good peeps!

Dr Brandon Beabout being about it!

Austin serenading Jonah and Will on the way to the track.

Check yo gas cuh!


Jonah spitting some roost on the 2 stroke.

Jonah locks spitting rocks...err, I mean dirt ha ha.

Austin getting loose on this good guy!

No caption needed. This photo shouldn't be in here.

Jonah eating a gatorade bottle?

Micah 1000. I was running around in the woods and I must've scraped my arm and got some blood.

Austin Forkner gettin steezy.

I was super stoked on this old start gate!!

Kaed Kniffing blasting off.

Austin Forkner spitting dirt!

Will grabbing some clips.

Jaisaac flying down the fairway.

Jonah jumping around this place.

Jaisaac exit turn steeze.

Alex Martin hitting the turns like a bowse.

Ben Stiller..... I mean Corbin chillin watching the action.

Moto moms wearing matching shirts on a tuesday.

Austin getting low for the ratchets.

Here's Austin leaving getting low for the ratchets.

Wait...here he is getting low for them again.

Jaisaac getting out of getting low.

Jaisaac's right foot was all itchy so he tried to kick off his boot in mid air but it didn't work so after he landed this one he went and did 4 more laps and then went into the pit and took off his boot and itched his foot only to find an ant in there. The same stupid ant that bit me while I was shooting this photo.

Jaisaac in the back section getting loose.

Jammin Josh peeping his next path. Speaking of paths, I found this little trail while I was shooting pictures today and I found a unicorns nest. I searched all over it and there were no unicorns in there but I found some unicorn dust that I sprinkled on my camera and it made all my pictures crispy for the next 29 minutes.

Laying it DOWN in the corners!!!! Take notes ladies and gentlemen!!

Jaisaac taking a little breather.

Jammin smashing up a hill in the back zone.

Jammin getting down.

Jammin turning with some ill steeze!

Alex Martin flying!

This is what's under there!

Fresh gas kits.

Jonah likes tattoo's

This dude got so wrecked, layed on the edge of the track for a bit, had someone pick up his bike and start it, and then somehow got on his bike and rode it off the track with a broken foot!!!!!! Only in motocross!!!!!!!

Jaisaac digging in the dirt!

Austin throwing the perfect dirt all over the place!

"What should we hit?"

This turn!!!!!

Jaisaac on some trueness.

Jaisaac leaning.

Austin leaning.

Jaisaac mo dat lean!


Austin is number 325.

Somehow the tables have been turned here and Austin wants to know why Will doesn't have an accent.

Austin and Will chill.

Jaisaac getting all 63.

Why you mad bro ha ha.

Cheesin in the pit.

Pit life.

Micah 1000, ninja life over Austin's bike.

Dang, look at those trucks over there.

Crushed and melted ha ha.

Dat's some good eatin right there!

Feed life for the homeys!!!

Fresh kit boyee....food lifee ha ha.

Jaisaac and Corbin with some matching kits.. See ya'll next time!!!


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