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Loretta Lynns 2013 Practice Day

HB getting a little interveiw before the day begins.


Matt Ryan playing mechanic for the day.


The boys gearing up for a water fight.


Jammin Josh gettin that red hair trimmed up by Ruben.


Jonah getting in that early practice.


Little scrub over the big rollers


Cool berm shot from this morning.


Jonah looking like hes ready to race tomrow!


Jammin Josh racing up the dragons back.


jumping through the finish line section.


That sand section got gnarly today!


Jammin Josh almost tucking the bars today.


Paul Putting in a little interveiw


Jamn hitting those breaking bumps hard!


Sparky Sparks lookin cool for the camera. #westcoastchill


Sparky giving Miggy the "you make me feel like im in Hawaii" Award.


I guess Miggie was hungry.


Michelle Smith was killing it in practice today.


Blasting out of that corner!


Ray-Ray getting those bikes nice and clean.


Michelle repping all the sponsors!


Micah and I startling Michelle when shes in her zone.


the start looking fresh for tomorrows races


Jaisaac and Nix walking up to the line for parctice.


The dirt looked super tacky today but ended up being slick.


Cool looking sand corner.


They added alot of sand sections this year, going to make for some good racing.


Jaisaac scrubing a table in the back section.


hauling down one of the stright aways.


Hitting those big rollers!

All the little kids motoing the pump track today.

Some rad pit vehicles out here this week.


Paul getting a bit crazy in the background during sparky's interveiw.


Well thats the end to a good practice day here at Laretta Lynns 2013


See ya tomorow!!

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