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First Day at the Merge MX turn track!

Checking out the track


Jaisaac crusing to the track


Main Track looking sick, too bad it was rained out.


Austin liking the Oaklahoma dirt


haulin down the straight.




Bruckshaw flying down this section!


sick sand corner


The dirt was so prime!


Jaisaac giving Austin a little taste of that dirt.



jonah tying to look good on camera


Jaisaac laying it down in those corners


showin off for the insta photo


Jaisaac with some fast exit speed!!!


The boys talkin about the track


T-bone giving the guys some pointers


the bikes got dirty fast!


Austin blowing out the corners


Jaisaac nailing this one!


Hitching a ride back to camp


Austin got a little dirty today


Mid-day bike changes


Austing blasting out of that rut


Austin bottoming out that rear shock


Smashing that corner!


Found a GoPro out in the woods.


Austins new number plate


Jaisaac throwing more roost!


Austin getting a little steezey on that one.


Bruckshaw getting them corners down


this place is awesome!


Merge MX


What a day.

Till next time!


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