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2013 Ponca City National Championship Day 1

Micah 1000 getting his grub on before the day begins.


Rylas is pumped for racing to start.


Jaisaac bustin out the hole shot in the first moto!


leading the moto.



It was muddy out there but the ruts formed nicely after a few motos.


Jiasaac killing those woops.


Jaisaac looking super fast throgh this section


Austin Bruckshaw pullin a sick holeshot!


and pulling away


Austin looking steezy in that corner.



He was killin it utill a crash in the woops ended his race.


jammin Josh pulling the holeshot, making it look easy


Jammin battling his way through the muddy conditions


Josh was flyin today!


Jammin getting those ruts down!


Hitting the woops hard.


Sparky Sparks posing for the camera


Jonah and HB pre race talk


cool shot of Jonah about to jump a roller



Jonah was looking fast today!


always awesome to see a 2 stroke go up against the 450's



Miggie getting those angles


Jeff Nix working hard getting those bikes just rite.


on the gate before the moto.


Jaisaac pulling another holeshot in the 450 moto


hanging it out after that first corner.



Jaisaac flying down this section


Getting low in those ruts.


Till next time!!



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